A visual live-programming environment that takes you from rapid prototyping to final production.

It claims to be popular for:


Visual Live-Programming with vvvv



vvvv beta

In development since 2001, vvvv beta has been used by many companies worldwide to create large media environments.

Recommended for:

  • 3d Graphics
  • Physics
  • Audio/Video Playback
  • Multiscreen Setups
  • Projection Mapping
  • Client-Server Setups
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    vvvv gamma

    First released in April 2020, vvvv gamma is the next generation of vvvv, entirely rewritten from scratch.

    Recommended for:

  • 2d Graphics
  • Computer Vision
  • Devices and Protocols
  • Multithreading
  • Integration of .NET libraries
  • Creating Executables
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      (Version: 2020.1.7)

    Made with vvvv gamma

    Ocean of Air

    A multi-player immersive VR nstallation illuminating the fundamental connection between animal and plant.


    A playful visual environment for behavior programming with focus on physical devices and spatial relations.


    Tutorial Videos

    Beginners start here: Get a feeling for working with vvvv.

    Open Tutorials

    HowTo Videos

    Specific questions answered step-by-step.

    Open HowTos


    The manual: Technical descriptions of vvvv in detail.

    Open Reference


    The bigger picture: Providing background and context.

    Open Explanation


    vvvv Forum


    Get answers to your questions or find them in existing discussions in the vvvv forum.

    Open Forum
    vvvv on Matrix


    Join us for a chat: Get help 24/7 or just hang out with your fellow patchers.

    Open Riot
    vvvv GetTogehter


    Join us for a meetup: real-world, in-person drinks and presentations around vvvv.

    Open Gettogether



    vvvv is protected by our (pattern pending) T.R.U.S.T model:

    • No copy-protection
    • No feature limitations
    • No mandatory registration
    • We trust you to declare your commercial use of vvvv correctly.

    That’s the world we want to live in. If vvvv helps you make a living, then help us make a living by providing vvvv for you.

    Commercial Use

    Any commercial use requires a per-developer license. Commercial use includes funded academic research and usage by NPOs.

    Buy licenses

    Free Use

    vvvv can be used freely without any limitations for the following purposes:

    • Evaluation
    • Non-commercial use
    • FOSS development
    • Contribution development
    • Teaching and learning vvvv



    vvvv - Dießl & Gregor GbR
    Oranienstrasse 10
    10997 Berlin/Germany
    VAT: DE275566955


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