A visual live-programming environment that takes you from rapid prototyping to final production.

Visual Live-Programming with vvvv

Very Visual

vvvv is a visual-first live programming environment for the .NET ecosystem. Its language VL combines metaphors known from dataflow, functional and object oriented programming.

There is no need to write any code, unless you really want to.

Inherently Fast

vvvv programs are compiled and run on the .NET virtual machine. As such they are as fast as if you’d write them in C#.

Want to use all the cores of your CPU? With VL it requires no rocket science to have parts of your program run on separate threads.

Quick To Iterate

vvvv has one mode: Runtime. Modify your program while it is running, compilation happens in the background.

With its state hot-reload technology, vvvv saves you precious time: There is no need to restart your program to see the effects of changes you make.

Ready To Connect

vvvv comes with support for many hardware devices, like color and depth cameras, the serial port,…

Also, it speaks most common protocols, like OSC, UDP, TCP, Art-Net, ZMQ, MQTT, Websocket, HTTP, RCP,…

Open To Extend

vvvv can be extended with custom nodes written in pure C#. No proprietary plugin-wrapping boilerplate code is needed.

This allows you to directly consume almost any .NET library from nuget.org, without having to write a single line of code.

Proven To Perform
vvvv’s initial release was in 2002. It is since in use by people around the world to build live-shows and permanent installations.
Built To Be Learned

vvvv comes with a built-in HelpBrowser that gives you direct access to examples and explanations. A series of video tutorials provides you with the fundamentals in no time.

If you need a hand, a caring community is waiting for you to join. vvvv’s chat and forums are both open 24/7.

The Road Ahead
Want to know what we are currently working on and what to expect in upcoming releases?
Check Our Roadmap
  • Combines metaphors known from dataflow, functional and object-oriented programming
  • Strictly evaluated
  • Regions aka visual code blocks (loops, if, delegates, ...)
  • Process nodes aka simple lifetime management
  • Adaptive nodes aka adhoc polymorphism
Advanced Type System
  • Statically typed
  • Automagic type inference
  • First class support for mutable and immutable datatypes
  • Generics aka parametric polymorphism (with bounded quantification)
  • Interfaces aka subtype polymorphism
Supportive IDE
  • Runtime value inspection
  • Reactive/Async programming
  • Easy multithreading
  • Compiles to C# using Roslyn
  • Consumes any .NET assembly by providing all methods as nodes
Core Libraries
  • 2d drawing (GPU accelerated) with SVG and PDF export based on SkiaSharp
  • Dear ImGui based rapid UI creation
  • Serialization, async File IO, XML and JSON parsing and generation
  • 2d and 3d math library with collision detection operations
3D rendering
  • High-level scenegraph based workflow with lights, shadows, an extensive material pipeline and various PostFX (ambient occlusion, depth of field, …)
  • Low-level shader based workflow with full access to the engine
  • OpenXR support
  • Based on the Stride 3d Engine
  • WebRenderer based on CEF
Visual GPU programming
  • Procedural noise
  • Signed distance field rendering
  • Customizable particle systems
  • Vector fields
  • Fluid simulation
  • Provided via the contributed FUSE library
Computer Vision
  • Image filters
  • Feature detection and tracking
  • Aruco 3D marker tracking
  • Camera and projector calibration
  • Based on OpenCVSharp
Machine Learning
  • Use GPU accelerated MediaPipe models
  • Controlling Wekinator models is available via a contributed package
Devices and IO Protocols
  • Kinect v1, v2, Azure
  • Intel RealSense, Orbbec Astra, ZED, Nuitrack
  • IDS-Imaging uEye cameras
  • Leap Motion
  • SerialPort
  • OSC, MIDI, DMX, ArtNet, Firmata, UDP, TCP, RCP, WebSocket, HTTP, ZMQ, MQTT, …
Anything missing?


Dinosauria Museum Prague

Dinosauria Museum Prague

A complex of interactive installations ranging from kiosks through large-scale media to the control system of the entire museum.

House of Digitalization
bildwerk, Tamschick Media+Space

House of Digitalization

The multimedia showroom invites visitors to discover the topic of digitization with the help of numerous interactive exhibits. The centerpiece is a 300m² LED wall that encompasses the exhibition space on all sides.

Studio Brüll


At the All Electric Society Park by Phoenix Contact, Studio Brülls interactive exhibits mediate how the vision of a world powered solely by renewable energy becomes reality using today’s existing technologies. Harnessing a wealth of real-time IoT datastreams from the park facilities, the interactive applications offer a window into the intricate web of energy flows.

Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse

On display at the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck. Visitors are asked to draw part of a figure. The request for head, upper body or lower body is randomly selected. Once the drawing has been completed, it can be saved at the push of a button and is then part of the exhibition.

Studio Brüll


Through “Data Correlations”, the piece navigates these inquiries, uncovering the intersection of AI, data, and democratic discourse.

Utopian Garden
wirmachenbunt / flora&faunavisions

Utopian Garden

Utopian Garden will bloom as an immersive, fully interactive experience where creativity and science come together in the natural world.

Tegernsee Phantastisch
Responsive Spaces

Tegernsee Phantastisch

A series of installations merge real and digital spaces and create experiences for all senses and all ages.



A mixed reality installation where vvvv is used to orchestrate the logic of various machine learning tools to drive a conversation with the virtual host.

Welser Profile - HQ Digital Staging
Responsive Spaces

Welser Profile - HQ Digital Staging

Three digital installations, each contributing their part to the »Welser Profile« brand experience.

Schüco Digitaler Showroom

Schüco Digitaler Showroom

A wide range of interactive motion graphics modules played out via lights, projections and screens.

MAHÜ 10-18
Responsive Spaces

MAHÜ 10-18

Interactive projection mapping on a dynamic architecture model visualizing the special features of a real estate project.

Wattenmeer Besucherzentrum

Wattenmeer Besucherzentrum

More than 50 individual exhibits from kiosk stations to gesture controlled games.

Marshmallow Laser Feast


A collective virtual reality experience which drops audiences deep inside the landscape of the body.

The Research Wall

The Research Wall

A constantly changing kinetic media wall as a metaphor for the endless search for scientific truth.

Hamburg Mobility Simulation
Hergarten | Interactive Environments

Hamburg Mobility Simulation

An interactive dashboard with map data and animated fleet movement for presenting research and simulation results.

Ocean of Air
Marshmallow Laser Feast

Ocean of Air

A multi-player immersive VR installation illuminating the fundamental connection between humans and plants.

Winds of Berlin
Refik Anadol

Winds of Berlin

An AI data sculpture based on environmental real-time data collected from the city.

Fantastic Mobility

Fantastic Mobility

A playful hands-on media installation with an analog puzzle, pieces with parameters and crazy prototypes.

Zwinger Xperience Dresden

Zwinger Xperience Dresden

270° multi-projection video playback with integration of VIOSO autocalibration, interactive touchstations.

ZOOM Trickfilm Studio

ZOOM Trickfilm Studio

A multi-touch gestured stop-motion movie app for a childrens museum

Spot on
Responsive Spaces

Spot on

Interactive store window installation.

Technoseum - Energie Mediawall

Technoseum - Energie Mediawall

A large multitouch wall for kids to explore the topic “Energy”.



Transforms illustrations of the theater’s archives into a lively installation, controlled by the visitors.

Arístides García


A generative music composition environment.

Dominik Jančík


A playful visual environment for behavior programming with focus on physical devices and spatial relations.

Perpetual Myth
Arístides García

Perpetual Myth

Live streaming multimedia dance performance.



vvvv Forum


Get answers to your questions or find them in existing discussions in the vvvv forum.

Open Forum
vvvv on Matrix


Join us for a chat: Get help 24/7 or just hang out with your fellow patchers.

Open Chat
vvvv Mobilizon


Join us for a meetup: real-world, in-person drinks and presentations around vvvv.

Open Meetups



vvvv is protected by our (pattern pending) T.R.U.S.T model:

  • No copy-protection
  • No feature limitations
  • No mandatory registration
  • We trust you to declare your commercial use of vvvv correctly.

That’s the world we want to live in. If vvvv helps you make a living, then help us make a living by providing vvvv for you.

Commercial Use

Any commercial use requires a per-developer license. Commercial use includes academic research and usage by NPOs and NFT artists.

Buy licenses

Free Use

vvvv can be used freely without any limitations for the following purposes:

  • Evaluation
  • Non-commercial use
  • FOSS development
  • Contribution development
  • Teaching and learning vvvv


Request a Tour

Curious to learn how vvvv can help you get things done?

We'd like to give you a tour!

  • A free screenshare call to walk you through vvvv
  • Giving you an overview and helping you getting started
  • Answering all your questions

Custom Training

Looking to give your vvvv expertise a jump start?

We get you up to speed!

  • Basic training for teams
  • Specialized training for teams and individuals
  • A Custom learning experience in accordance with your requirements

Custom Support

Using vvvv in a commercial project and need a hand?

Our engineering team is here to help!

  • Guiding you in planning the structure of your application
  • Sharing responsibility for the success of your project
  • Custom feature development


vvvv is free without any restrictions for non-commercial use.
Commercial use requires a License.

vvvv gamma

First released in April 2020, vvvv gamma is the next generation of vvvv, entirely rewritten from scratch.

vvvv beta

In development since 2001, vvvv beta has been used by many companies worldwide to create large media environments.

Go to vvvv.org



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