a few of the more ambitious questions

December 15, 2005 posted by: oschatz

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  • Will algorithm mining revolutionize software development?
  • Is there a core computational architecture in biological cells?
  • Will generative content revolutionize the entertainment industry?
  • How will computer experiments change the face of mathematics?
  • Are there business structures founded on computation universality?
  • What would an operating system for a swarm of microbots be like?
  • What kinds of artificial physics can support quantum mechanics?
  • Will artificial life arise spontaneously within the internet?
  • Can one map the space of all possible economic systems?
  • Will the next core computer architecture be discovered by search?
  • Can we enumerate the morphologies of possible biological organisms?
  • What pattern recognition algorithms can molecules implement?
  • What does computational irreducibility mean for supercomputing?
  • Is there an algorithm for telling if an object was designed?
  • Will the most important nanomaterials be intrinsically random?
  • Can a single rule design the complete structure of a building?
  • Is there an absolute measure of elegance for programming languages?
  • What is the network analog of a recursive function?
  • Can we find the simplest undecidable problem in number theory?
  • What would prove the Principle of Computational Equivalence?
  • What will happen if kids learn cellular automata before algebra?
  • What will be the first major industry created by mining the computational universe?


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