the future of operating systems: dyne:bolic

June 8, 2006 posted by: max

… or rather, a few notable extensions that the others still lack:

dyne:bolic is a linux .ISO distribution (bootable from cd)

You can employ this operating system without the need to install anything, and if you want to run it from harddisk you just need to copy a directory.

Running dyne:bolic you automatically join the CPU power of all the computers on your local network: let the old computer work together with the new, united they’ll all work better. It is optimized to run on slower computers, turning them into a full media stations: the minimum you need is a pentium1 or k5 PC 64Mb RAM and IDE CD-ROM, or a modded XBOX game console

Keep all your home and settings inside a single file that you can move around: you’ll not need a laptop to have an operating system with you, just a CD and a USB memory stick

plus it has an ascii webcam server. and, erm, it’s “Rastasoftware”.

much Blessings in Jah.


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