Chrismas extra pack 2009

December 25, 2009 posted by: vux Guest Post

Merry Chrismtas vvvvolks,

didn’t posted lot of plugins lately, and they are now all posted in a row in this christmas pack :)

There’s 43 new nodes for various things including:

  • System nodes: To have info on drives, files, system, services, environment variables… With some contribution from woei
  • 2d Meshes : Superformula and polygon
  • Hash functions: MD5 and SHA-1, in file/string flavor
  • Email : Send/List
  • Hittests : on quad/circles/polygons and superformula.
  • Interleave : Generic vector join/split
  • K-Means: Clustering from a set of points
  • Particles field: Velocity field based particle system
  • Regexpr : To replace string content using a regexpr
  • R/S : R/S nodes with last takes precedence paradigm, and allowing multiple sendstring with the same name
  • XQuery : To manipulate XML using xquery
  • Geometry : Linearsystem solver, minimum circle/sphere and more…
  • MTGuid2d : Multi touch adaptation of tonfilm’s gui2d plugins

Fully featured box2d physics engine, including joints, controllers, multiple shapes per body… All that contains a bit more than 30 extra nodes :)

Thanks to defetto/dottore who funded the second part of the development.

So here we go that’s more than 70 new nodes to play with, hope you’ll find some useful :)

Released in two flavors, flat version (all in the same folder, similar to addon pack, just copy in plugins), and folder based version, so you can pick which ones you want (Not recommended)

Note: If you copy folder based version using subfolders, you’ll have different plugin path, so your patches won’t work with people using flat based or potentially further addon packs. For expert only.

Please note that the box2d is still flat (as it probably been used before), so this one need to be copied in the plugins folder as is.

Download Flat version here Download Folder version here (not recommended, see above)


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