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September 26, 2011 posted by: jannis Guest Post

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I will present my new installation “Himmel & Hölle // Marelle 2.0” at the “Nuit Blanche” in Metz, France. PLAYTIME!

  1. September 2011, Ecôle Gaston Hoffmann, 2030h-0200h

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The exhibit Himmel & Hölle // Marelle 2.0 by Jannis Kilian Kreft is an interactive media arts installation that reinterprets the traditional schoolyard game in a new media enthused approach.

The player has to jump on one foot through 9 levels in a 7m x 4m wide gaming area. Good memory for numeric combinations as well physical fitness is required to master the game into the final level.

Kreft is using videoprojection as well as augmented chalk drawings by children of the school to draw a highly dynamic and interactive gamefield in which players are tracked in realtime using latest tracking technology.

A set of visual effects and 3-d audio is connected to each element in the realtime environment. Dynamic scaling of geometires, fields breaking away, physical behaviors and play with perspective creates a stunning 3-dimensional illusion on the players way to heaven.


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