VVVV, sound and movement workshop.

October 20, 2011 posted by: lasal Guest Post
Location:Il Pagliaio
Where:Di selva candida 311b, Rome, Italy
From:05 Nov 2011 10:00
To:05 Nov 2011 19:00

The general idea in this Workshop is to show different skills and tools to realize any kind of visual composition focused on sound and music, but also we will explore other ways to comunicate with VVVV.

1- Short introduction to VVVV.

-Basic math funtions, and useful programming nodes. -What can we do with this tool?. -What can not we do with it? (nothing important). -Which kind of data can we manage (values, colors, strings, textures). -Spreads, or flow of data.

2- Form, movement and color.

-Working in 2D and 3D. -Animation technics. -Transformations. -Working with Spreads. -Smothing the data.

3- Shaders.

-Exploring different 3D shader, looks, technics. -2D post effects, Texture effects.

4- External inputs / outputs.

-Working with different input data (audio, MIDI, video, OSC). During the Workshops and depending on the programming knowledge of the participants, we can deep more or less on the several topics.

We´ll use VVVV beta 26. Please bring your own Windows XP, vista or 7 computer, with the software installed.

For more information visit www.vvvv.org

Any midi controller and web camera are welcome. Workshop trainer,

Arístides Job García Hernández (lasal) http://aristidesgarcia.tumblr.com/

http://vimeo.com/7855673 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDzQ-rbLusQ


Il LAB sarà in italiano / inglese in base alle esigenze. Il costo del LAB è di 70€. Per maggiori informazioni e prenotazioni; ilpagliaio@gmail.com


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veloce ;)



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