August 13, 2012 posted by: joreg

rendering by uncuser

this is the first beta28 addonpack.

it comes with a bunch of new stuff by uncuser regarding realtime cubemapping, ie modules for conversions between different formats. and lecloneuruser spent you all a humble bundle of 30 TextureFX modules. just type his name into the NodeBrowser to see the list.

there is a new TypeWriter (String)node based on original code by bo27user that should come quite handy for creating onscreen keyboards.

besides that a series of fixes and new nodes by yours truly vuxuser and woeiuser as documented in the change-log.

remember: everything thats in the addonpack (and more) is open-source:



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14.08.2012 - 10:21

Small question, is one supposed to replace the normal lib/nodes/nodelist.xml with the addonpack’s or not? Should the two be even concatenated?

/edit: Judging from the content (each file listing only its packages’ nodes) obviously they are supposed to be concatenated. Do I have to do that manually or is there some way of installation that I am missing? The page about-the-addonpack speaks of overwriting any file when asked, but that causes several standard nodes not to be found ( Camera (Transform Softimage)node is an example) unless “Opened in Patch”.

14.08.2012 - 10:52
after extracting the addonpack your directory structure should look like this: vvvv_beta28 vvvv_beta28/lib vvvv_beta28/lib/nodes vvvv_beta28/lib/nodes/nodelist.xml vvvv_beta28/addonpack vvvv_beta28/addonpack/lib vvvv_beta28/addonpack/lib/nodes vvvv_beta28/addonpack/lib/nodes/nodelist.xml
14.08.2012 - 11:10

Aaah. Okay thanks, didn’t see it like that.

The addonpack folder in the addonpack zip having similar content to the lib folder leaves room for confusion, I will edit the addonpack installation page in the near future - if that’s okay - as soon as I think of a way to clear up this possible misunderstanding in a way that is similarly concise as the current installation sentence.

14.08.2012 - 12:45
Ah, I’d done this wrong too. Thanks for clearing it up!
14.08.2012 - 13:17

I will use this opportunity again to suggest a quest for finding a more intuitive way of installing the addonpack. My estimate is that even when I show exactly how it is done, 25% of the students gets it wrong.

Couldn’t we either have a “download and extract suitable addonpack” function in crack.exe or alternatively a little utility that did it that was in the vvvv folder?

I have heard that it has something to do with licenses that it is the way it is, but it would remove quite a lot of frustrations among beginners if it was made easier/more intuitive to install the addonpack correctly




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