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December 2, 2012 posted by: joreg

users of the vvvv!

so as you may have noticed already, we have this node thing going on again. february 11th to 17th of the coming year 2013, in frankfurt. that will be 6 days stuffed with workshops (among other things). in the coming days we’ll introduce you to the workshops a few at a time before ticket sale starts monday, december 10th (if everything goes well).

so here we go: besides the usual suspects vvvv for newbies hosted by u7angeluser and elektromeieruser und vvvv für Neueinsteiger, der von kathiuser und rauluser geleitet wird the following three workshops should be interesting to the novice:

Video Effects and -compositing hosted by robotantonuser will introduce you to the range of TextureFX modules created mostly by uncuser and lecloneuruser. Using those it is trivial to create endless video-effect chains and composite multiple videos together, you’ll see.

Transformations hosted by tonfilmuser and gregsnuser should be interesting if you want to work with 2D & 3D animations. It covers some basic mathematical backgrounds and teaches you how to animate cameras and stuff. absolutely essential.

Tackling the Awkward Patch also by tonfilm and gregsn can be seen as the “staffs pick”. Targeted at those who sometimes get stuck in spaghetti patches. being aware of some backgrounds will help you around those.

that’s it for today, more to come..


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