node13 workshops II

December 4, 2012 posted by: joreg

next up in the series of workshops for node13 are our classics:

Rendering Techniques for this workshop you should definitely already have patched around a bit. the questions you should have asked yourself already in order to gain from this workshop are: how can i write my own shaders, and how can i draw more objects at higher framerates. this will be a full-day workshop and as we think it will be quite popular with you we’ll quite likely offer it twice…schedule should be up coming week.

Boygrouping and Multiscreen Setups hosted by joreguser this is the one to book if you want to learn how to patch realtime client/server render clusters with vvvv.

Dynamic Plugins hosted by eliasuser and gregsnuser this is the first (of some more to come) coding workshops. it is targeted at people who know what code is, what variables are and have already written a for-loop. the course will teach you how you can make use of your coding skills without leaving vvvv.

so, after having herby covered the basics, tomorrow some more topical ones. see also: the whole/growing listing of node13 workshops


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