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December 8, 2012 posted by: joreg

todays workshops go out to the old-school coders among you patchers. besides the already announced classic dynamic plugins workshop here are some more that focus on the textual-coding side of your favorite hybrid development environment that is vvvv:

Working with the vvvv-sdk this one is targeted at the more sincere hacker who wants to integrate his code with vvvv. here eliasuser and joreguser will show you the whole workflow of how to integrate your stuff with the addonpack and easily always compile against the latest code and work with multiple branches and all that shizzle.

Exploring vvvv’s PluginInterface in the meantime vvvv’s API has grown quite a bit. eliasuser and vuxuser (who has been using the interface extensively creating all his plugins) will navigate you through the API and show you where you find all the hidden gems.

OpenCV development this is where elliotwoodsuser will tell you how to work with the new image data type he designed for vvvv. with it you can write image processing code (that was previously only possible via a combination of freeframe/opencv plugins) direcly with vvvv’s codeeditor. so now show us your trackers..

vvvv.js now with this one i didn’t really know where to put it. it is not fish, it is not meat…just the next big thing really. sagishiuser will introduce you to the world of his javascript clone of vvvv…

and again..still more to come..


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