node13 workshops VIII

December 15, 2012 posted by: joreg

and when you think there is no more…here come the final 5 workshops for node13:

Rendering Techniques II this one should be really hardcore. vuxuser and dottoreuser will tell us everything we didn’t dare to ask about DX11 features like tesselation, geometry shaders, computer shaders and what not. definitely looking forward to get lost in this one.

Software engineering patterns with vvvv being one of the early developers of vvvv oschatzuser quite knows his patches. with support by phlegmauser he will show you his favorite patching patterns. Recommended for people who still think patches inevitably have to look like spaghetti.

Using industrial robots for creative applications in the past years MESO has realized a series of interactive installations using industrial robots. in this workshop you’ll have access to a robot and oschatzuser (of MESO) and Christian Goy will show you how to operate it.

Foossball3000 for this playful full-day workshop sebluser and velcromeuser will bring a soccer-table. together with you they will interactively enhance it. should be quite fun..

High-level multi-touch gesture recognition Strukt have announced their set of nodes for multitouch-handling dubbed MINT a while back. in this workshop they’ll tell you what they’ve learned so far about multitouch gesture recognition and discuss with you the roadmap of the MINT framework.

now this makes a total of 34 workshops presented by 37 hosts in 6 days. halleluja!


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16.12.2012 - 05:49
When is the rendering techniques II supposed to happen? On the node website there’s not any schedule available.
16.12.2012 - 13:37
@efe it is the one tba. on thursday all day.
16.12.2012 - 17:02
Nice. One more question: I am planning to bring my mac laptop to the festival which has a GeForce GT 330m. It seems it doesnt support directX 11 (right?). Is it still worthy to attend this workshop? Thanks!!!
16.12.2012 - 18:12

for the Rendering Techniques I workshop a DDI version of 10 will mostly do. Rendering Techniques II will require DDI version 11.

you can check your DDI verision via running dxdiag (just type that into your start->run box) and then select the “Display” tab which will display your DDI version in the “Drivers” section.



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