vvvv互动多媒体入门工作坊 - Introduction to vvvv

February 8, 2012 posted by: elektromeier Guest Post
Where:Anhua Road No.76 suite 301, Changning District, Shanghai, China
From:12 Feb 2012 09:00
To:12 Feb 2012 18:00

Description: vvvv互动多媒体入门工作坊

Partick Jost (elektromeier)将在新车间介绍vvvv的基本知识以及基础的投影贴图技术。


费用:新车间会员每人:40元,非会员每人: 线上报名80元,当场报名90元 (请在现场现金支付)


请自备安装了Windows 7 或 XP 的笔记本。Mac 笔记本需要安装bootcamp。安装了Mac OS 和 Linux 还有Wine的笔记本基本上也可以但是应该处理速度会很慢。


General introduction of vvvv and history of the software
Application scenarios and show cases
Software Installation and dependencies
Making a first simple patch
Datatypes of v4
Transformations and transformation hierarchies
Coordinate system in v4
Small introduction to 3d graphics, shaders
Nodes for live video, audio analysis, midi in & out, OSC, TCP IP, RS 232, Arduino, MIDI etc...



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10.02.2012 - 01:53

Ni-hao Elektromeier.

First, congrats for this journey to the East (I’ve been in China, had nicely mighty spicy food, which I still miss, risked my life a couple of time, one time was nobody’s fault, the other of the bus driver, bought wonderful hats, met a lot of westerns which were there to find a new reason to live on and a lot completely lost, met on a 6 lane road a Chinese engineer speaking Italian was saved our ass, and you can’t imagine what is to hear “Che piacere sentire persone che parlano in italiano! Ho sentito che avete dei problemi”, and wow… personally was a so simple\complex experience… so say “ciao” for me).

Then, I read you’re going to guide people to use vvvv through Wine, too. I tried a lot to get vvvv running on Ubuntu, getting nothing.

Can you please give me some hints on how make vvvv running on Ubuntu? Here I have Ubuntu 11.04, Wine 1.4-rc2 -got update really right now-, Mono 2.10.8, PLayonLinux 4.0.14, got .net etc. stuff from Microsoft.


11.02.2012 - 04:19
theres a mistake in the anouncment, im sorry. i said it should probably run on wine without doing any further research and somehow it made it into the anouncment. sorry for that. maybe tomorrow some poeple come with wine installed and i will have a problem :) but lets see maybe we will have success and im going to report here…
11.02.2012 - 12:42
For example I was not able to install .net3.5 SP1. No way, for me, to do it. Then I pasted and copied the whole .net folder of Win inside Wine (er… cough cough…). I got that beta27 at least simply doesn’t throw anymore any error, but stubbornly still refuses to start, stopping at splash screen.



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