vvvv beginners workshop part2 @ Xinchejian Shanghai

February 14, 2012 posted by: elektromeier Guest Post
Who:Patrick Jost (elektromeier) Alex Miao (liquid, rexgo interactive)
Location:Xin Che Jian http://xinchejian.com
Where:Anhua Road No.76 suite 301 (near Jiangsu Road), Changning District, Shanghai, CHINA 200050 , China
From:19 Feb 2012 09:30
To:19 Feb 2012 17:00

The second part of the workshop focusing on doing things in 3D space and explains some basics for that we had no time in the first part:

basics & a bit more:

-Subpatches: Organise your patches in subpatches. modularity, reuse your patches later. -More spreadoperations: select, getslice, setslice, spectralnodes & binsizes etc. -Multiple renderers and transform them to create large multiscreen projections. (example: projections on large buildings) -Using the output of the renderer as a texture. Create an animationpatch convert it to a texture and use cool PostFX filters on it. -Nodes for creating and manipulating textures. -Filternodes, smoothly filter between changing values for creating nice and smooth animations.

exploring 3d-space -Terminolgy (Mesh, Vertices, Texturecoords, UV Mapping, Indices, Normals etc). -Using cameratransformations (perspective, position, orientation) on the renderer and animating the camera. -Transformations in 3D Space -About shaders and how to use them -Mesh Import from 3d software (.Xfile, Collada) -Having Fun with spreading in 3d Space -A simple 3d mapping example on one or more cubes.

If theres time&energy left: -Using Kinect to create interactive graphics -Connecting vvvv to an iphone or android phone to control patches via OSC -Connecting arduino to vvvv to use sensors, control Motors etc…


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14.02.2012 - 22:49
thumbs up, guys! rocking good old shanghai. btw, hot in shanghai atm: http://www.chinasmack.com/2012/pictures/foreign-artist-vhils-engraves-portraits-onto-shanghai-walls.html
15.02.2012 - 12:11



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