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this one took us longer than planned, but it was a difficult one in a way that it includes so many new details. if you are following the devvvv blog you should already know about most of the new stuff thats coming with this release. here is a feature-summary:

for the user

*we finally have a refactoring option. select a bunch of nodes, press CTRL+G and see them be replaced by a suitable subpatch. gorgeous.

*we got a series of new vector-modules that should just be more comfortable to use than what’s been there so far. check:

*now please have a look at the new Zip/Unzip nodes. they are basically generalized Vector Join/Split nodes but faster. here are some details: zip-and-unzip

*there has been a subtle change for all keyboard and mouse related nodes. shouldn’t worry you to much as a user. is now just supposed to be more comfortable. specifically check the revamped KeyMatch (String)node which will save you some nodes from now on. some more on this is here: keyboardstate-mousestate

*the next thing is a bit more nerdy but just as userfriendly. it basically allows you to control values in your patches from your android phone. here is how: remoting-vvvv-exposing-pins-kontrolleur

*syncing videos via a network has always been possible (somehow) but now it is mainstream. here are the details: boygroup-time-and-filestream-synchronization

*there is a lot of talk in the OSX world about syphon that allows users to share textures between applications. vvvv is now prepared to do this on windows. who’s in? cross-process-texture-sharing-depth-rendering

for the developer

here is a list of the latest blog-posts with infos regarding changes to the plugininterface for beta28 that should make your devvvvs lifes easier: *direct3d9-plugin-interface-change *multiple-texture-outputs *idxdeviceservice-and-imainloop *ispread-vs-istream *isynchronizable-and-iflushable *creating-and-deleting-pins-at-runtime

for a full list of fixes and changes check the change-log as usual. good patch, yours devvvvs.



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