MO!Festival - Multimedia Open Festival

September 16, 2013 posted by: Guest Post

MO!Festival Begins – Multimedia Open Festival

MO!Festival is an International Festival, in its first edition, dedicated to the new industrial revolution created by makers. Makers are a contemporary cultural movement, high technology – analog – digital – artisan, based on the traditional world of DIY. It ‘a very enthusiastic movement based on DIY (Do It Yourself – do it yourself), DIT (Do It Together – Do it together) and the open sharing of files, data. The interests span a variety of different fields but all share the ability to solve a problem, invent a new product, optimize a process. The new frontiers of 3D printing and the open source world have offered their great possibilities of expression and for this reason the MO! Festival, espousing this philosophy in full, devotes a Festival.

Designed to have already named a close connection with the territory on (from Latin MO! mox – lawyer now, now, now – as soon translated into Italian, published in vernacular and ennobled by Dante Alighieri, and currently widespread expression in many parts of Italy and especially in Bari, where it becomes almost a refrain and expression of amazement) and also an acronym for Multimedia Open Festival.

The Festival will investigate through three different open call (MO! Makers, MO! Talk, MO! 3DMapping) the influence of various media on cognitive processes by distinguishing two forms of multimedia: one that uses more sensory channels and the other intended as a cognitive process which allows the acquisition of new knowledge to improve aspects of our lives, create jobs and promote the economic and social development of our country. Open because is a free Festival open to all artists and creators of the digital world.

MO!pen call link:


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