Protektor - dongle protection for your vvvv projects

August 28, 2013 posted by: joreg

dear commercial users of vvvv,

this is to announce the immediate availability of Protektor, a little standalone tool that allows you, together with a hardware dongle (similar to the one pictured below) to protect your projects.


для Вашего большой бизнеса ::

Two main scenarios of using it are:

  • preventing projects from being duplicated
  • make projects run only for a specified period of time

This is how it works

The Protektor takes your patches and a dongle. It encrypts your patches using the dongle and saves a binary version of them (no more human-readable xml). VVVV cannot run such encrypted patches unless the right dongle (the one used for encryption) is present on the PC. If the right dongle is present the project will start but only show renderer windows, ie noone can peak at the patches. This works also for boygroup scenarios where every client needs a dongle.


A dongle can be bought in addition to each active (less then a year old) full license for 250€. Volume discounts apply as follows:

  • 1-3: 250€
  • 22% off for the 4th to 9th dongle
  • 33% off for the 10th to 19th dongle
  • 44% off for the 20th to 99th dongle
  • 55% off for the 100th and more dongles Discounts are applied per customer, ie. dongles don’t need to be bought in bulk.

Special Offer

If you order until 30 09 2013 dongles 1-3 will only be 200€ each (Further volume discounts will still be applied off the original 250€).

Questions and orders via email to:


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02.09.2013 - 18:25

as we’ve been kindly informed by vuxuser our protection mechanism has a flaw that lets someone with access to the dongle (for a specific project) and knowledge of the vvvv-api dump out un-encrypted patches since the api simply has functionality for this (which e.g. is used by vvvv’s ctrl+g node-grouping feature).

note that this does not compromise the encryption itself. so without access to a dongle this would not be possible and also if you have a dongle you’d only be able to access exactly the project that dongle was for.

vux sent us a couple of suggestions to improve on this and we’ll be updating you with our progress on this.

11.11.2013 - 22:33
and here we progress: Protektor++



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