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January 9, 2013 posted by: joreg

did you even read last years vvvv-in-numbers? there was a message. at the end. you didn’t read to the end? because there were no more pictures… so this time the message goes up front:

helo volks,

it was a wonderful year. we had a lot of things happening as you know if you conveniently followed our updates on the devvvv blog. we would say vvvv is sitting on a more solid base than ever. you might say year-old issues still not adressed…and we wouldn’t even argue that. anyway..since about a year now you have comfortable realtime access to the latest fixes/changes via the daily alpha-builds and most recently we introduced 64bit builds just before vuxuser stole our show by announcing a full dx11 implementation for vvvv. so basically all is full of lovvvve. only your figures try to tell us a different story…

while the figures show that your interest in vvvv is still growing, in areas where those figures can be expressed in the unit of € you’re losing out quite a bit. but lets start at the beginning. here are your numbers of 2012:


so this is where you come from:

1. germany18.22%1. germany (-)16.82%1. germany (+)
2. usa9.61%2. usa (+)11.36%2. usa (-)
3. uk6.81%3. uk (-)6.33%3. uk (-)
4. france6.28%4. france (-)5.17%4. russia (+)
5. italy6.28%5. italy (-)4.66%5. italy (+)
6. russia2.58%6. russia (+)4.17%6. france (-)

here we see russia with the biggest plus. приветствуем товарищей! or is that only bo27user hitting the reload-button? in any case, спасибо большое! and in the lower ranks according to google analyctics notably south korea, china and japan seem to be emerging markets.

so thats in percentages. lets have a look at the absolut numbers of unique visitors:


see a trend here? seems vvvv is slowly progressing towards market saturation. still within that last year we had ~1500 new users that registered on vvvv.org and ~500 active within the last month. now we have to be honest here, those numbers include the spam-honks but i think we can be save by assuming that the 2011 figures of ~1200 new and ~300 active in the last month users are also valid for 2012 probably with a small increase. (spamming increased only massively in 2012. who cares..we do! with our new human-spam-shield the ~5-10 honk-posts a day no longer get through to you).

the diagram shows that 2012 (blue) had a good start but then you took a big summer break, even longer than in 2011 (orange). so what did you do last summer that was so exciting that it let you forget about your favorite multipurpose toolkit?

our web-daveuser has extracted some more figures for us. the following shows your activity on the site:

that peak in 2008 marked 1457 questions asked and with 145 in 2009 we had the largest number of questions that did not get a single answer. over the years that leaves a little less than 10% of questions unanswered which is not too bad, is it?

this shows overal activity on vvvv.org. blogposts (ye, thats me!) and screenshots win. page edits and new pages can mostly be attributed to a few of you who do translations. thanks a lot for your work there!

and ja, your favorite browser is finally that new kid on the block (42%) with firefox dropping to 27% followed by safari that kept its 13% share and IE dropping to 11%. when will they ever learn…


the download counts show a similar slight increase as the unique visitors. with at least the number of downloads of the addonpack increasing a pixel more. but still not enough. again i think that we cannot count those without the addonpack as real users of vvvv.


* with node10 happening

gangnamstyle has a billion views in a few months and vvvv only gets around 18k real downloads in a whole year. something is rotten in the state of this internet…


now thats all nice. but of course in the end this is all about making the big bucks. so where are we standing: in 2012 licenses have been bought by 61 companies from 18 different countries where it have been 52 companies from 19 different countries the year before (the number i gave last year for 2011 turned out to be wrong, it included some duplicates). so more different companies, thats very nice but together they bought less licenses. did you arrange that?

licenses sold per country:

1. germany47%1. germany43%1. germany48%1. germany65%
2. switzerland21%2. austria25%2. italy27%2. united kingdom10%
3. united kingdom19%3. united kingdom17%3. united kingdom12%3. switzerland8%
4. austria6%4. russia4%4. united states3%4. russia5%
5. italy3%5. switzerland4%5. austria3%5. austria3%
6. russia1%6. south korea3%6. switzerland2%6. spain2%

imagine that: spain, loser of the world economic crisis, but winner of our hearts! and great cinema on position 4: one rouge state replacing the other. free pussy riot!

the final graph shows the development of vvvvs yearly income through the sale of licenses since the beginning of our records:

here we see that 2010 has been a particularly bad year (for whatever reason), 2011 was on track and now in 2012 (slightly above 2008) you let yourself go again. nono, no tears please…we are still quite confident that when one day you all buy your licenses according to the rules we’ll be able to make a fair living from this. so no pitty, just your honesty please. this is serious business!

massive thanks to those among you who buy licenses regularly. because that is how it works!

next see you at node13. have a большой 2013. yours vvvv.


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09.01.2013 - 03:58
Thanks for this joreg , very interesting information which gives a good perspective on vvvv’s progress and lifeline. I highly agree that when users begin to make some sort of profits from vvvv they should buy it, even if it is using it for paid teaching. I’ve been enjoying vvvv since 2007, I’m planning to use it in a few years when I’ll be an academic in a university teaching architectural design + theory, and I will gladly purchase the license. The high-times for vvvv is inevitable…
09.01.2013 - 16:51
is it a crime to hit a button?
10.01.2013 - 11:09
Nah, it’s not only bo27 :)
12.01.2013 - 21:16

I think everything will change after Vvvvux11 release.

When I saw a vvvv render for the first time I said:


that is a superformula !!

It was something cool to see, hypnotic … really much better than processing. I passed whole nights patching, arriving at 11:40 AM at my job place.

Now, I’m sure that I will feel again that trippy sensation with the incoming Render (Vvvvux11).



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