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December 9, 2013 posted by: Elias

Due to our recent build server change, we accidentally broke the fetch-binaries script, which gets called by various post merge/checkout hooks installed by the init script and so in turn we managed to break the whole checkout/pull procedure :/

**Sorry **for that.

We decided to get rid of all these post merge/checkout hooks entirely and let the user decide when to invoke the fetch-binaries script for the following reasons: The init script was used in the past to install post merge/checkout hooks to your local .git folder. These hooks did stuff like updating symbolic links or downloading a matching vvvv.exe from our build server. We got rid of the symbolic links about a year ago and the automatic download of a new vvvv.exe everytime you switched a branch started to get cumbersome.

Now in order to get everything running again you’ll first need to delete those broken post merge/checkout hooks installed in your local .git folder. Navigate to vvvv-sdk.git\hooks and delete all non-sample files like this:

You can now do the usual git pull upstream develop

And after ensuring that powershell 3.0 is installed (installed by default on windows 8) you can fetch a matching vvvv.exe (32 bit) with scripts/fetch-binaries Or in case for a 64 bit version do a scripts/fetch-binaries x64

We’ve also updated the vvvv sdk page to reflect these latest changes.


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09.12.2013 - 23:59

what can be tricky exactly?

the whole “Integrate your plugins to the Addonpack.sln” part sounds like a mess ;) at least the texteditor - delete some things part. i don’t remember it being so tedious in the first place.

10.12.2013 - 16:46

in general a c++ project can depend on very large third party libraries, which you would not put into your own version control system (like git) - you would need to install and compile them on your own system. and compiling them in turn requires your machine to meet all the build dependencies of that library etc. - that’s why we didn’t go into any details on building the AddonpackCPP solution.

regarding plugin integration in the addonpack: it might sound to you like a mess, but there’re reasons why it’s done that way. the addonpack contains ~100 projects, in the past all these projects where setup in a subtle different way. changing one build parameter for all of them was a huge undertaking. in the setup now, all of those projects inherit from the same base project. that’s a wonderful feature supported by msbuild (the tool that actually builds *.-proj files) to simplify the handling of large solutions like ours but sadly all known IDEs like vs or sd don’t support it - that’s why we need a text editor at that point.

10.12.2013 - 18:37
thanks the info ! i’ll give it another shot, installing the sdk and flex my texteditor skills ;)



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