September 2, 2014 posted by: joreg

may i have your attention please.

two major things in the addonpack this time:

HTMLTexture update Everybody say thanks to meso for sponsoring an upgrade of the HTMLTexture nodes to now make use of CEF3, see htmltexture-node-using-cef-3-now

PolygonEditor vvvv meisterschüler dominikKolleruser gives to you: The PolygonEditor (2d) which following the tradition of vvvvs other editors (Point, Grid, Mesh) is patched from the ground up (including multiselection, snapping, keyboard-interaction, serialization,…). Only this time in a quite modular manner allowing you to easily adapt its functionality to your personal needs. Also with a beautiful seperation between model and view allowing you to easily adapt this to DX11. For a first usecase, see the revamped: badmapperbeta-contribution.

Plus the usual smaller fixes, as you can see in the changelog linked below. thanks everyone for your contributions.

Want to support individuals who contributed? Find them on the list of flattrable vvvv users.



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03.09.2014 - 14:10

thanks meso and thanks meisterschüler

polygon editing rocks

05.09.2014 - 19:22
true indeed - the polygon editor comes in handy. THANKS!



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