Brainwaves and art in VVVV 3-days workshop in Moscow Russia

September 11, 2014 Guest Post
Who:Enzo Varriale aka Lanvideosource
From:19 Sep 2014 09:00
To:21 Sep 2014 18:00

Brainwaves and art in VVVV 3-days workshop in Moscow Russia about EEG and art Workshop led by Enzo Varriale (aka Lanvideosource)


A hands-on workshop about neuro-technology and art, with a focus on Emotiv software and hardware. The workshop will start with an introduction on EEG signal and how it can be manipulated to perform different kinds of data visualizations and sonifications by using the famous multipurpose toolkit VVVV. During the workshop different techniques and protocols will be introduced to design real-time EEG-based interfaces for Art or neuro-feedback applications.


During the first day of workshop, Emotiv hardware and software will be explained, demonstrating how to interface it with VVVV environment. This workshop edition will also cover the techniques and tools that will enable participants with a higher level of skills to capture and process the raw EEG signal, coming directly from the headset, in VVVV. Two methods will be explained to capture raw EEG signal, one for non-research versions of Emotiv EPOC and one (more reliable) for EPOC Research edition owners.

During the second part of the workshop, participants (individuals or in group) will try to design their own audiovisual patches to interface their brain with their Art…

The last day of workshop will be dedicated to a showcase of the works developed by participants.

The workshop was initially produced in collaboration with iMAL, as a part of the “Tangible Feelings” symposium. (
Thanks to Emotiv® ( Thanks to Q&U Lab, Berlin for Neurotransmitter software ( )

Useful links: , , , , ,

Tech required:

Good or medium knowledge of VVVV is required. Each participant must be equipped with a PC (or a MAC with bootcamp), Windows 7 and VVVV (version b32.1) with the latest add-on pack installed ( /downloads ). Patches are tested on 32 bit version of VVVV on a windows 7 (32 bit) machine. Patches will likely work on different hardware configurations and other version of VVVV, though this is not guaranteed. Participants that own a Emotiv EPOC headset are invited to bring their own!

Workshop materials provided by the organization:

Participants will be provided with the necessary software to interface with the Emotiv EPOC hardware from VVVV. Participants will also be given a number of audio and video patches as practical examples from which to develop their own art interfaces controlled by brainwaves.

Workshop language: English (with the support of a Russian-speaker)

Topics covered:

  • introduction to EEG signal and brief history of brainwaves-based art
  • sampling and digitalization of EEG signals
  • real-time data protocols (focus on OSC protocol)
  • design interfaces for EEG-based media art projects
  • introduction to Emotiv software and hardware
  • Emotiv SDK and OSC protocol
  • interfacing with VVVV
  • Raw signal capturing/processing
  • Build your own neuro-based audiovisual tools with Emotiv!

Workshop is free of charge by you need to fill apply form before 14 of september

Workshop presented by Polytechnical Museum and MIGZ as a part of «Polytech.Science.Art» program.


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12.09.2014 - 00:46
see you there
12.09.2014 - 00:46
see you there



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