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Fluctuations - Austrian Generative Shorts

March 25, 2014 posted by: woei Guest Post
Who:B. Traubeck, LIA, mes.|.aga., A. Koller (andreaskoller), R. Kohlberger (rrrr), J. Poell, AEC Futurelab, G. Stiletto,, D. Bruckmayr (sinus), S. Schilcher (flux); soundframe, depart, woei
Location:Stadtkino Wien, Künstlerhaus
Where:Karlsplatz 5, Wien, Austria
From:27 Mar 2014 19:30
To:27 Mar 2014 20:30

fluctuations - screening

Generative Essences In Austrian Audiovisual Works - A Status Quo

11 short films by B. Traubeck, LIA, mes.|.aga., A. Koller andreaskolleruser, R. Kohlberger rrrruser, J. Poell, AEC Futurelab, G. Stiletto,, D. Bruckmayr sinususer, S. Schilcher fluxuser

curated by Leonhard Lass ( & Woeishi Lean (

20:30, 27.03. 2014, Stadtkino Wien part of sound:frame festival 2014


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25.03.2014 - 17:32
wow austria. thats an impressive list. for me to visit wien its a bit late. but let us know if you are planning to show the reel somewhere else..



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