NODE+CODE #June - Alex McLean & Kate Sicchio - Body+Code+Music

May 26, 2014 posted by: david Guest Post
Who:david, nodeforum, node+code, fjen
Where:Eschenheimer Tor 4, Frankfurt, Germany
When:05 Jun 2014 18:00

BODY + CODE + MUSIC A night with Alex McLean & Kate Sicchio. Dance Performance, talk, live coded music

  1. Performance “Sound Choreographer <> Body Code”
  2. Talk
  3. Live coded music (feat. Alex McLean & Matthias Schneiderbanger)

“Sound Choreographer <> Body Code” by Kate and Alex

The dance performance ist a collaboration between Live Choreography and Live Coding, creating a feedback loop where the diagrammatic choreography react and reconfigure live to music, and where the dancer represents instructions in the code, which the live coder tries to edit in order to create the music. The result is a resonance through movement, perception and language, influencing one another in a live composition, forming a whole system.

Alex McLean is active across the digital arts, including as one third of the live coding band slub, co-founder of the TOPLAP ( live coding movement, generative dance music promoters Algorave, and he is research fellow in human/technology interface at ICSRiM in the School of Music, University of Leeds.

Kate Sicchio works at the interface of choreography and technology. Her work includes performances, installations, web and video projects. She has presented research at many conferences and symposia and has given artist talks at places such as Times Up (Linz), The Creative Data Club (London) and the EU Commission (Brussels). Her PhD focused on the use of real-time video systems within live choreography and the conceptual framework of ‘choreotopolgy’ a way to describe this work.

Matthias Schneiderbanger is an electronic musician, sonic artist and composer with min foucs on live coding, staging of electronic music, sound installations and contemporary music. He is a member of the live coding laptop ensemble Benoît and the Mandelbrots.

Free entrance, be on time! See you in Frankfurt. We hope you can make it. subscribe here:

currently also in the saasfeepavillon: installations by yacin/ruben/david patrick raddatz saasfee

attention new entrancefrom the backside(!) via liesel-christ-anlage/lustgarten eschenheimer anlage (höhe metropolis)

Supported by Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main


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