One-off Holiday Dongle Discount

December 24, 2014 posted by: joreg

dir businesspeople,

here is businessproposal from vvvv to you:

How does that sound?

The business saint: St. Dongle

What’s a dongle? Well, glad you asked: If you need to deploy a vvvv project and want to make sure that it is only running a certain number of copies or for a certain period of time you can protect your vvvv source code using a dongle. For full details please head over to the Protektor page.

A dongle can be bought in addition to each active (less than a year old) full license for normally 250€, now minus 40%, you do the math. Naa, we did it for you:

  • 1-3: 150€
  • 22% off for the 4th to 9th dongle
  • 33% off for the 10th to 19th dongle
  • 44% off for the 20th to 99th dongle
  • 55% off for the 100th and more dongles

As you can see volume discounts also apply, so this would really be a good moment to stock up on dongles. Note that discounts are applied per customer, ie. dongles don’t need to be bought in bulk. And yes, the 40% are also valid for existing customers who already have reached one of the bonus stages. 40% it shall be for everyone.

Now don’t rush it. Good luck for all the celebrations you have to do these days and then come back online and discreetly order via mail to: (shipping first week of jannuary)


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26.12.2014 - 15:40
Is it actually possible to encrypt only some patches, while others remain editable and readable? Or does it always affect the whole v4 graph?
05.01.2015 - 00:11

By design the system always protects a whole project and can then only load protected files. A mix of protected and unprotected source files is not possible.

You can however run two instances of vvvv, one in protected mode the other editable.

We’ve added this info to the /Protektor site.



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