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October 21, 2014 posted by: Multitouch Berlin Guest Post
Who:STATE Festival
Location:Alte Münze
Where:Molkenmarkt 2, Berlin, Germany
Lat / Long:52.516831 13.409249
From:28 Oct 2014 17:00
To:01 Nov 2014 22:59

STATE Experience Science Festival

STATE Experience Science Festival is a celebration of scientific ideas and creativity across disciplines. It brings together visionary people from different backgrounds for the purpose of exploration, collaboration and debate. On an annually changing topic, it creates a meeting ground for science, art and the public. The main theme of STATE 2014 is “Time”.

**What exactly constitutes time?** **What, if anything, does time even measure?** **Discover the topic of time with us anew and experience science.**

  • 4 days of events
  • 2 locations in the heart of Berlin
  • Over 40 contributing scientists and artists
  • from more than 10 countries

  • Talks
  • Exhibitions
  • Films
  • Performances
  • Workshops
  • Panels
  • Interactive science formats


Alte Münze

Alte Münze

Platoon Kunsthalle

Platoon Kunsthalle,  ©

Film Festival

STATE OF TIME Experience Science Film Festival features ground-breaking works from international filmmakers at the intersection of science and art.

Where would film be without time – the fourth dimension that grants movement to otherwise static pictures? Exclusively for STATE OF TIME, Imagine Science Films has assembled a series of cinematic inquiries, echoing the 7th Imagine Science Film Festival from 17.10-24.10.2014 in New York: From scientists trapped in time loops, the fragmentation of memory, and the mysterious powers of time-lapse to the age of mountains and the universe, the program will feature a full roster of short films and one feature film illustrating the many layered meanings of the concept of “time”.

Ticket prices 6 / 8 / 15 € (Reduced / Regular / Supporter)

Tuesday / Wednesday 28. + 29. October 2014 Doors 6 PM

Platoon Kunsthalle Schönhauser Allee 9 10119 Berlin

Experience Science Festival

Cars crash in slow motion, week-long vacations slip away in a flash. Our heart is broken, the next days feel like fifteen weeks, and suddenly we wonder: What, if anything, does time even measure? What exactly constitutes time?


Exhibition, Talks, Forum, Performances, Science Interactives, Films, Workshops


Imagine Science Films (USA) — Pfadfinderei (DE) — Julian Barbour (University of Oxford, UK) — The Constitute (DE) — John Kameel Farah (CA) — Nenad Popov (SRB) — Science Hack Day Berlin (DE) — John Connel (UK) — Art Laboratory Berlin (DE) — Luke Jones (UK) — Michael John Gorman (Science Gallery Dublin, IE) — Ken Murphy (USA) — Armin Keplinger (AT) — Michal Klincewicz (USA) — Martha Merrow (USA) — Alistair McClymont (UK) — Schall & Schnabel/ Diana Wehmeier (DE) — Philipp Rahlenbeck (Multitouch Berlin, DE) — hands on sound (DE) — schnellebuntebilder (DE) — Martin Sona (DE) — Luca Pozzi (IT) and many more.

**Tickets ** 18 / 24 / 45 € (Reduced / Regular / Supporter) Pre-sale:

Friday / Saturday 31. October + 1. November 2014 Doors 10 AM

Alte Münze Molkenmarkt 2 10179 Berlin


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