UNRENDER Session Belgrade 17. Jan

January 11, 2014 posted by: tekcor Guest Post
Who:Abduct, tekcor
Location:Drugstore Belgrad
Where:Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića 4, 11000 Belgrad, Serbia
Lat / Long:44.801327 20.412598
From:15 Jan 2014 13:00
To:17 Jan 2014 22:08



Peter Kirn / Fluid Architecture Workshop

Transforming space with responsive sound, projection

When we imagine architectural space, we return to a millennia-long tradition of things that are fixed and solid, made of wood and stone, brick and steel. But increasingly-pervasive digital technology means media that can change: data, pixels, and generated image and sound.

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll experiment with ways of molding those media to make a space that changes. We’ll take input from microphones, cameras, and sensors, including the Kinect camera, and see how the computer can respond to presence in a space. We’ll also look at how generated sound and music, imagery, or data visualization can translate these inputs to a space.

Examples will be given in free, open-source, cross-platform tools, including the Processing creative coding environment and Pure Data patching tool.

Some experience with one of these is recommended to get more out of the workshop, but is not required; we’ll also have some examples that absolute beginners can use for experimentation.

Please do bring a laptop running Windows or OS X (or, if you’re comfortable with it, Linux).

Presence Sensor input (via Theremin sensor, Arduino) Microphone input (registering ambient sound) Camera input (motion detection with built-in camera, optional examples using Kinect) Sound Music and sound as generated in time transforming the sound of a space, interactively (from microphone) Generating simple sounds, musical figures Image Modifying two-dimensional images Transforming colour and texture in response to input simple data visualization from a table, Internet data source mapping. A corresponding mapping workshop will explore ways of more closely aligning image to architecture, transforming volume and perspective. This can be combined with spatial sound experiments.

Sound Data Visualization / Abduct Workshop

We Always create our own reinterpretation of the things that we See, Smell, touch and hear.So this workshop is for create your own graphic representation of sound. Looking for new ways to watch music.

This workshop is based on VVVV multi-purpose toolkit. More info about the software at www.vvvv.org.

Workshop fee 500 RSD

SHOWCASE 17.01.2014. 23:00-06:00


Leaving the Planet (www.Symbioticcube.com)

Leaving the Planet is a surreal audio-visual journey. It leaves behind the rules of the body and explores into unknown places of the mind. Both sound and visuals are played live and in real-time, making use of experimental interfaces. It features IDM/Drone sound with instrumental parts, abstract sound design and field recordings combined with a mix of macro and time-lapse video.

Peter Kirn (www.createdigitalmusic.com)

P. KIRN transposes a classical training and work in the New York new music and experimental scene to Berlin, channeling underground techno sounds from the city’s afterhours. His live techno set then brings in cinematic and environmental sounds, against the machine four on the floor. Here, those rhythms are synchronized to live generated visual geometries and textures.

Noitu (www.noitu.mk)

NOITU is the audiovisual output of S. Puckovski, a sound and new media artist hailing from Skopje, Macedonia. He is currently active in the fields of micro sound design, music performance and improvisation as well as visual art, installation and interaction.

Abduct (www.Abducto.tumblr.com)

Abduct Is the Rodrigo Guzman C.his Works focus in the experimental Audiovisual Field, creating new languages and aesthetics Playing with optical effects and binaural beats abduct project focus on create a hipnotic trance for the audience, His work reinvension struggle in graphic design, sound Sculpting, and development of interactive Graphic interfaces for A/V live performance.

MKDSL (www.mkdsl.com)

George Michael Jackson (www.soundcloud.com/bturn/bturn-podcast-007-george-michael-jackson)

Showcase 300 RSD



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