vvvv at retune 2014

September 22, 2014 posted by: joreg
Who:robotanton, korriander, joreg and more
Location:Arena Glashaus
Where:Eichenstraße 4, Berlin, Germany
From:25 Sep 2014 22:00
To:27 Sep 2014 22:00

This years edition of the retune conference has some vvvv going on. For your convenience i compiled the following summary:

prototyping interfaces korrianderuser and Mark Lukas of the team behind the great book will give you an introduction into connecting things to and tinkering with vvvv. See: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#interfaces

vvvv intro robotantonuser and joreguser will give you an easy introduction to vvvv focusing on image manipulation/layering a la photoshop but in realtime. See: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#vvvv

choreographic coding lab While not strictly a vvvv-only event the CCL will quite likely feature at least some vvvv as at least some people involved in this are quite familiar with it. See: http://retune.de/2014/workshops#ccl

Apart from the workshops their line-up of speakers looks quite fresh to me. And in the evening i remember them serving drinks. So get your ticket now and see you there.


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20.08.2014 - 13:12

nice! Took this workshop last year and it was quite fun. Will be at retune again this year, but I’ll take the OpenFrameworks workshop, since the vvvvorkshop will be another introduction.

But we should have a drink afterwards ;)

Will tonfilmuser be there as well?

23.09.2014 - 17:03
hey, will probably hang around at the conference, but not sure yet. maybe the Prototyping Interfaces workshop might be more interesting for you then…?



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