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January 10, 2014 posted by: joreg


so another year has just passed and yo shall get your - almost traditional already - peek at your numbers. if you’re new and need a bit of a “what happened so far” start with vvvv-in-numbers-2012.

otherwise spoiler: 2013 was a good year. we were treated with another edition of the node festival by the team around daviduser where vuxuser released his incroyable dx11 packbeta-contribution and just when you thought the year was over tonfilmuser droped his nextgeneration audio packbeta-contribution… expected more? of course you did…


so here goes what google tells us about you. basically we see germany being gelangweilt, the us loosing hope, russia taking another step - спасибо! - and because italy sta fava la france avance aussi en grade.

1. germany18.22%1. germany (-)16.82%1. germany (+)16.99%1. germany (+)
2. usa9.61%2. usa (+)11.36%2. usa (-)10.72%2. usa (-)
3. uk6.81%3. uk (-)6.33%3. uk (-)6.31%3. russia (+)
4. france6.28%4. france (-)5.17%4. russia (+)4.98%4. uk (-)
5. italy6.28%5. italy (-)4.66%5. italy (+)4.97%5. france (+)
6. russia2.58%6. russia (+)4.17%6. france (-)4.92%6. italy (-)

what you don’t see and which is actually the more interesting bits is whats going on in the lower ranks. i cannot be bothered creating another table for those but here is the gist: Japan (followed by Spain) shows the highest gain in people accessing vvvv.org. one can only speculate how this will develop when minouser gets serious and japan sees its very own vvvv book…おはよう!

also i found it interesting to see london still being number 2 among the vvvv capitals while the rest of its country seems to have lost interest: 1. Berlin, 2. London, 3. Moscow, 4. Seoul, 5.Frankfurt, 6. St. Petersburg

here again you see how insignificant all the numbers are as bo27user alone can reload his city to spot 6!

overall again we see a delicate increase in unique visitors:


the access pattern looks quite unchanged (blue: 2013, orange: 2012). no worky on saturdays and sundays and not at all during summer:

i’ve heard complaints recently that the forum is not so active anymore and specifically noob questions are missing so there must be something wrong. my snobbish answer then was, this must be due to the ever improving documentation and the forum-search working so well that noobs just see all their questions answered before they can even think about asking. thoughts anyone? ah and also at this point yo shall be reminded of the meticulous work by robotantonuser on the next generation girlpowers which will soon turn vvvv into the most thoroughly documented multipurpose toolkit ever. anyway the forum stats show a slight increase in new (1398) and unanswered (144) threads.

recently we saw some new translators of wiki-pages and regulars updating their translations. so overall wiki-activity also saw a slight increase compared to last 2012.

spam again increased massively. we had around 1000 (onethousand) more new users registered than the year before most of which just fired into our spam-prophylactics. the number of active (= at least 3 postings) users was 427 which is slowly but steady growing since the beginning of our recordings.

and finally here is to announce the downfall of the internet: chrome 51% (42%), ff 22% (27%), safari 12% (14%), ie 7% (11%) kids, google is not the internet! …


downloads also seem to grow inconspicuously except i consider it a good sign that the ratio between downloads of the core and the addons has again increased.


* x86 and x64 combined


licenses were bought by 69 companies from 17 different countries. that is more different companies then ever (52 in 2011, 61 in 2012), which is fantastic but should it worry us that they are coming from fewer countries every year (19 in 2011, 18 2012)?

below you see a statistic of licenses sold per country. interesting to see that while the british are loosing interest in the website (see above) they still buy second to most licenses…professionals indeed. and you also see japan already warming up from out-of-range to number 4, ohh unicode… а россия? соберись!

1. germany47%1. germany43%1. germany48%1. germany65%1. germany55%
2. switzerland21%2. austria25%2. italy27%2. uk10%2. uk25%
3. uk19%3. uk17%3. uk12%3. switzerland8%3. austria3%
4. austria6%4. russia4%4. usa3%4. russia5%4. japan2.8%
5. italy3%5. switzerland4%5. austria3%5. austria3%5. russia2.5%
6. russia1%6. south korea3%6. switzerland2%6. spain2%6. france2.5%

note to self: consider disabling vvvv.org for ips from the usa. their webaccess:license ratio has been consistently unacceptable over the years.

but most importantly the blue line has an upward trend again which is not least because of the Quad sales.

so we bow to the contributors of this trend and want to challenge everyone to keep it that way. in this regard simply only more is more. and also don’t just buy all your licenses at the end of the year when you have money left or get an email from us. just make sure your licenses are paid the day your project launches. kids..

so weit. thanks for listening. thanks for your contributions. thanks for reporting bugs. thanks for using vvvv. and if everything goes according to our non-existing plan this year we should see some strange developments for vvvv. more soon™.

all the best for 2014, yours vvvv.


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10.01.2014 - 23:21

was a pleasure to increase austria by 1%

no seriously, good luck also for 2014!

11.01.2014 - 09:20
thanks UK!!!
11.01.2014 - 14:53
we buy our licenses in advance, lieber joreg. good to hear stats going up.
16.01.2014 - 18:56
fast year..since last stats
18.01.2014 - 19:20

not sure if this is the right place for license discussion but…

i quite like unitys license concept.

*have a free version but let people pay for the pro-cross-platform compiler.

*all (pro)people would have to pay for all your work which is just fair.

*and not just a few license customers (try to) pay the party, which isn’t fair.

there is something wrong with the current system. the dev’s don’t get payed and the few license buyers are paying a lot more compared to an expensive software package like unity. (just compare doing 10 projects with v4 or unity pro)



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