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March 21, 2014 posted by: phl Guest Post

No more trade shows!

G’day! The lovely people at Arterial Design approached me, asking if I can find someone with skills “like mine” who wants to live and work in Melbourne. I did that for a while, and it’s a charming place and employer there. The small exhibition and interpretation design studio is looking for someone who:

  • Has experience in designing and programming multimedia exhibits. So far we’re not talking about huge & impossible things, but you’d have the possibility to scale it up as much as you like. You’d be running the multimedia department (that also means there’s no one else doing VVVV or something similar). You can chose your weapons. As we know VVVV is great for many things, but if you’re an expert in a similar software, that’s fine too.
  • Has hardware knowledge regarding: Screens and projectors, custom PCs, embedabble PCs, sensors… Optional but awesome are tinkering abilities with microcontrollers like arduino etc.
  • Has classic graphic design knowledge (print and screen). The multimedia department (=you) might not be 100% working to capacity at the beginning, so you should be willing and able to help out the others with Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop/3d work. From my own experience I can tell it’s usually quite rewarding, e.g. you get to design a wall in a museum rather than cutting out people.

About the studio

They have a great customer profile: They’re doing almost no branding stuff, but educational and interpretive design. You’d be working for Zoos, Museums, Cultural Organisations, or kids’ stuff. That implies that the budgets aren’t always huge, but hey: no car trade shows! As the name “subtly” suggests, they do like marterials and haptic, analogue experiences. So very rarely there will be digital-only environments, and it’s more about combining the physical with the digital. Check out http://arterialdesign.com.au for recent projects.

Organizational things:

  • Of course this is a paid position. You’ll have to bring some confidence and be able to work on your own, so it’s far from an internship.
  • Generally, the position is full time and not limited in duration. But of course only if it works out well between you.
  • You have to be allowed to work in Australia. Many western countries offer working holiday visas for 12 months for people under 31 (varies). That would work for the beginning. If everything goes fine, they’d be open to sponsor you, therefore helping you to be able to stay in Australia.

Personal note:

As I said, I’m not the employer, just the “headhunter” if you want (and the one who did this job previously). I landed in this position just because those guys are great to work with, and I’m doing them a favor. I obviously wouldn’t do that if they’d suck. Melbourne is a great, thriving city, and earning Australian Dollars is probably the only way how you could ever afford it. It’s a bit like the Berlin of Australia, when it comes to creatives, culture and street life. And if you’re nice Jan let’s you stay in her holiday house in Wilson’s prom. ‘Nough said.

How to apply:

Send me an email with your cv & portfolio, and let me know why you’re great for that position: p (ät) steinweber.net We’ll have Skype interviews with selected canditates between you, me and Arterial.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments.



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25.03.2014 - 20:05

From when is this job available? I am finishing my Art degree with vvvv work in juni/juli and would like to apply after that.


02.04.2014 - 11:51
Hi Steryl, the sooner the better! But feel free to send me your details anyways, and mention that again. Please also make clear if you have work experience from before your studies. Philipp



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