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April 3, 2015 posted by: joreg
Where:Waldschmidtstr. 19, Frankfurt, Germany
Lat / Long:50.119017 8.699863
From:28 Apr 2015 09:00
To:02 May 2015 16:00

In case you’ve missed this so far: There is a line of presentations in parallel to the workshops at Node15. It consists of shorter non hands-on versions of some of the workshops and additional making-of presentations of projects.

Get an overview below and click the links for full details of the respective sessions. You can buy tickets for individual days and book into morning and afternoon sessions separately.

There should be something for everyone.

Tuesday, April 28th

*11:00 Recording and Annotating Movements *12:00 Cutting & Folding Paper with vvvv *13:30 The Making Of “Ravel Landscapes” Full Details

*14:30 Connecting Things to the IOT *15:30 Soft Sensors for Soft Bodies *16:30 Motors and vvvv Full Details

Wednesday, April 29th

*11:00 AntTweakBar & Metaio *12:00 Machine Learning *13:30 Rulr: Ways of Seeing (With Computers) Full Details

*14:30 Bullet 3D *15:30 DX11 Rendering in 50 Minutes *16:30 vvvv.js Full Details

Thursday, April 30th

No patches, no projects, but a full day of symposium: Wrapped In Code – The Future Of The Informed Body

Friday, May 1st

*11:00 TBA *12:00 Why the Whole Enchillada? *13:30 Mixing Reality Full Details

*14:30 Kinect + Oculus *15:30 Emeshe *16:30 Projection Mapping *18:00 wirmachenkntxt Full Details

Saturday, May 2nd

*11:00 1024 architecture *12:00 Visions of America: Amériques *13:30 Dancing with Data - Onformative Full Details

*14:30 Sensitive Assembly *15:30 Eno Henze - Nsynk *16:30 Sebastian Oschatz - Meso Full Details


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