Qobo, the OS controller for media artists

December 1, 2015 posted by: modular drops Guest Post

Qobo is a cube that connects with your laptop and gives you the ability to interact with your media contents and any programming software for entertainment, multimidea and music in a totally unique way! It incorporates an inertial measurement unit, a programmable RGB led and a simple haptic feedback…each of them is easily programmable and accessible.

Qobo transmits serial over bluetooth messages…this means that you can easily capture them within your favourite platform, like MAX MSP, vvvv, Puredata, Flash, Java & Javascript, Processing and make you own application! Android and iOS are also supported.

You can easily access informations like: position, G force direction, Yaw Pitch Roll and more… and use them to write your own application and invent your personal use case.

Qobo receives inputs as well: you can personalise the RGB color scheme and make it vibre, flashing, pulsing, fading with rotation or steadily glowing.

Find more at: www.qobo-controller.com We are looking for people to make it bigger and more Open Source!


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