Smelling Data – Translating data into scents

February 7, 2015 posted by: markusch Guest Post

Hey guys,

due to my Master-Thesis, I developed a new textbook with a bunch of tutorials using vvvv & Arduino with smell. Big thanks to westbam, 2nz and sorik, who helped me with the technical part here:

Next step is to prepare it for the public. But this will take a bit time due to finding nice possibilities and licensement issues. Feel free to follow this project on my other socialweb platforms! Hope you like it. ;)

Chers markusch

“Smelling Data – Translating data into scents with Arduino & vvvv”

There is no sensory perception that holds so many unanswered questions as the smell. Every day we smell thousands of different odors, making it the essential companion in our everyday life. But can we design smell? Or design with smell? If so, what possibilities do we have to get creative with smell?

With the textbook “Smelling Data” a practical introduction to the world of creative usage of olfaction is offered. It aims to provide designers a first approach to design with odors in combination with analog and digital media – and this may raises us an awareness of odors.

A basic knowledge on the subject of “smell” as well as the programming environments “vvvv” and “Arduino” are mediated. In addition, a variety of odor scenarios are discussed exemplarily on the basis of 10 instructions. Starting from simple scent-emitters to an odor-printer to interactive prototypes with which you can convert any code into odors.

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