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March 17, 2015 posted by: joreg

Ever thought about starting to learn programming with vvvv? Now is the time: From April 27th to May 3rd 2015 the 4th edition of the NODE – Forum for Digital Arts in Frankfurt/Germany offers a series of 48 workshops that welcome everyone to join the vvvv community.

The large number of workshops may be overwhelming to the beginner, so here is a selection of workshops recommended especially for the novice:


If you’ve never touched vvvv or you did but are not yet very confident you should definitely first attend either the german or english vvvv for newbies workshop which comprises of a 4 x 3h introduction spread over two days and will provide you with the fundamentals.

If you’ve already created your first projects but are still unsure about your practices attend Bring Your Own Patch on tuesday afternoon.


Once you’re familiar with the basics you have the choice:


Take a break and suck in some theory at the symposium.


In case you can’t make monday and tuesday there is another very easy introduction into vvvv offered by the Video Effects and Compositing workshop. Of course not as in depth as the two-day course and much more a focus on the specific topic but still very suitable for total newbies to attend.


Further down the road you may want to apply what you’ve learned so far and check out Cutting & vvvvolding Paper or learn the basics of VVVV.Audio. And in the evening get some inspiration for how your new skills could one day be applied by watching a series of topofthepops audio-visual performances.


In case the practice ever gets too much for you, note that you can always fall back to nodes comfortable series of 50 minute lectures: Of Patches and Projects. Besides you get to see an extensive exhibition on the forums leitmotif of “The Informed Body”.

For completeness: Full Program

And a final word of advice: Don’t contemplate about this for too long, most of the workshops already have only a few seats left. Looking forward to patch with you!


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