And the Pandas go to...

December 14, 2016 posted by: joreg


Leading up to the imminent beta35 release we launched a bughunt 3 week ago.

10 bugs that qualified for the prizes (in that they were regarding either vvvv or vl) were filed in that period, 8 of which were promptly fixed (normal).

So without futher ado…

-The vvvv panda goes to..

This one was an easy choice: sebluser was a super active bug-reporter in the past months and reported these 3 vvvv relevant bugs during the bughunt:

-The vl panda goes to..

Here the choice was more difficult since the only actual two vl relevant bugs were posted by dominikKolleruser whom we had to exclude from the hunt since he was working with us over the past months and had an unfair advantage.

In the end we decided to award the panda to stalhenkuser who posted a nice testpatch that demonstrated a problem with the new firmata nodes (that are internally patched with VL):

Congratulations to the winners and thankyouverymuchindeed!

We want to also thank everyone who participated for their time and of course we are grateful for every bug-report that came in before the hunt started and already for each single one still to come. But for being able to choose winners we had to set a time-frame and some rules..

So treat them pandas well and we’re hoping to soon see a posting of sebluser and stalhenkuser in the gallery showing what they’re using them for.

Next, release…


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14.12.2016 - 17:35
wohoo, thank you guys! title
14.12.2016 - 19:15
oh wow, thats so great :D I can actually really use this for my bachelor-thesis right know. Thanks guys!



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