VVVV Beginner Workshop @ Mexico City

June 8, 2016 posted by: timpernagel Guest Post
Who:schnellebuntebilder, platoon.org
Location:Platoon Mexico / General Prim 30
Where:Calle Gral. Prim 30, Juárez, 06600 Col Juárez, D.F., Mexico City, Germany
Lat / Long:19.429834 -99.152580
From:11 Jun 2016 12:00
To:11 Jun 2016 16:00


As part of the Platoon - The Global Creative Alliance http://www.platoon.org/dates/platoon-mexico-city we are giving a spontaneous VVVV-beginner-workshop coming Saturday in Mexico City. We will guide trough the sparkling univvvverse of spreads, transforms and packs and will do together some basic patching.

If you want to take part, please:

  1. Be at General Prim 30 on Saturday the 11th of June at 2 p.m..

  2. If you want to patch on your own, bring your own Windows-laptop and install the latest VVVV (Downloads) and addon-pack and if you know how to, the DX11-alpha pack ( directx11-nodes-alpha)beta-contribution.

  3. Reserve appr. 4 to hours for the workshop.

  4. If possible, add us on Twitter @vvvvorkshop and drop us short PM so we get an idea how many people will come.

Looking forward to Saturday, yours truly schnellebuntebilder a.k.a. coloridas imágenes rápidas


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10.06.2016 - 18:11
And please bring your computer Mouse with you. If you have more than obe, also those to share with the others.



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