vvvvhat happened in July 2016

July 31, 2016 posted by: joreg


time flies and i am glad another month has just started which gives us a break to look back at all the things that happened recently. it’s been a lot, check this:

there were some small updates on our own behalf:


then just last week digitalwannabeuser went on a rampage releasing two powerful plugins:

Triangle in a 1 minute help-patch action

but not to oversee in that tumult RobertQueuser shared his first contribution, a module to control the Pioneer PRO DJ LINKbeta-contribution.

further we got some fixes/improvements to existing contributions:

and again it seems u7angeluser has something brewing in his laboratories.

boooom..let that all sink for a while…then:

Hypnotic: ‘Terra Nullius’ by Patxi7user

various gems:

Ars Electronica has setup two exhibitions including works by vvvv users:

and berliners listen up: rrrruser will be performing at the upcoming Berlin Atonal 2016 festival. i cannot set a link to his works on the website(!), so please help yourself looking for “Rainer Kohlberger”. see you there…

what the VL?

hmpff..the spring-update is already written and is mostly missing images. i can tell you it is a long one…if that helps. anyway not happy with it being delayed…working on it (and everything).

enough. have i missed something? please add it in the comments. gut patch!


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04.08.2016 - 15:13


Probably worth noting that 99% of everything I post on tumblr is made with VVVV, I’m just really inconsistent with tagging. If it’s animated, it probably has some VVVV in it.

05.08.2016 - 14:29
the laboratory brewing is done by tgd, i hope he releases the frankenstoner



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