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True to its spirit of community and experimentation, the Mapping Festival, dedicated to audiovisual arts and digital cultures, returns with a unique range of workshops for its 13th edition.

Both beginners and experts will once more be invited to explore a variety of subjects with an emphasis on new technologies and effervescent creativity, under the guidance of renowned specialists from all over the world.

The workshops will be spread over the three weeks of the festival, which is taking place from May 11 to May 28, 2017 in Geneva.

The deadline for registration is April 30, 2017. Check out our website for more information and register via the dedicated form!

Introduction to projection mapping (12-17 yo) /// Saturday 13 – Sunday 14 May /// Etienne Mathé

Intended for teenagers and youngsters between 12 and 17 years old, this workshop will teach them how to create their first projection mapping thanks to the fun and simple HeavyM software. HeavyM is a ready-to-use projection mapping software developed by Digital Essence, a young team based in France. HeavyM adapts your video content on volumes with an intuitive interface, and can generate real time graphic animations, with no need for further skills. The founder from Digital Essence will help the participants in their first experience with projection mapping, and will answer their questions. Participants will also have the occasion to build their own projection volumes.

Artefact /// Friday 19 – Sunday 21 May /// Mickaël Lafontaine & Xavier Seignard

This workshop will teach participants how to scan 3D objects in order to create an interactive device combining 3D animation, robotics and projection mapping. They will design a robotic set connected to an interactive 3D stage, so that the rotation of the real object controls that of the scanned 3D object. This will lead us to conduct various projection mapping experiments on moving objects.

Interactive installations /// Tuesday 23 – Wednesday 24 May /// Barthélémy Antoine-Loeff, Nicolas Bertrand

This workshop, which will take place over two half-days, aims at exploring various processes to create interactive installations. Different topics will be addressed, such as tangible interactions, animations, autonomous videomapping, and open-air video games.Each half-day will focus on a different kind of interactive installation, how to make it, as well as potential artistic ideas.

3D Mapping /// Tuesday 23 – Friday 26 May /// László Zsolt Bordos, Viktor Vicsek, Ivó Kovács

Over the course of this four-day workshop, participants will first acquire basic knowledge of mapping techniques (2D, 2,5D, 3D), photometry, lenses, and content creation. They will then use software such as Photoshop, AfterEffects, 3dsMax, C4D, Realflow and MadMapper to create content and ultimately work on its rendering and finalisation.

Introduction to TouchDesigner /// Thursday 25 May /// Maotik

This workshop offers an introduction to the software TouchDesigner, an audiovisual platform that will equip you with the tools you need to create stunning realtime contents and rich user experiences. During this session, you will gain essential knowledge to start creating interactive media systems, architectural projections, live music visuals, or simply rapid-prototyping your latest ideas.

Use your face as interface /// Saturday 27 May /// Popesz Csaba Láng

The human face is one of the most often used objects in computer tracking and recognition today. Tracking a face and following its movements, the machine interprets it in the way of emotions recognition. Why not reverse the roles and control the machine with your face? Using Pure Data, a visual programming language for multimedia creations, you will be able to literally control video playback with the movements of your face.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


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