NODE17 x FRAMED: Call for submissions!

May 30, 2017 posted by: joreg

FRAMED exhibition at NODE15

Remember the FRAMED?

Those fancy screens we had exhibited at NODE15 where everyone could show their own artworks? They’ll be back for NODE17 and just as last time we’re hereby calling for your submissions!

Don’t remember? Here is their official website.

If you’re a visual artist, looking for a way to get your patches out into the world, FRAMED offers a great platform for you. The device is an all-in-one flat-screen computer that runs windows and as such allows you to run vvvv/vl works. You can upload your patches to their gallery, set a price and have people from all over the world buy them for display on their personal devices.

As an inspiration here is a list of artworks that your fellow patchers have made with vvvv and are available on the framed store at the moment:

From today you can upload your artworks in either

  • vvvv50_beta35.5_x86 + Addonpack + DX11 Pack 1.0.1
  • vvvv.js format and everyone will be able to view them during node. We’ve created a template for vvvv50beta-contribution that provides a simple setup to start from. For vvvv.js you simply provide a URL using the feed feature on the FRAMED website.

Let us know if you have any questions, in the comments. Also Filip, of FRAMED will be at the festival to answer your questions on the spot and you’ll be able get your own account there. Looking forward to your submissions!


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30.05.2017 - 20:05
extra packs allowed ?
30.05.2017 - 20:20
hei sebes, in theorie you can add anything to your artwork but practically you’d probably want to constrain yourself to whats there because of the rather limited system specsbeta-contribution.
21.06.2017 - 01:30
21.06.2017 - 01:31
guess it was something to do before the last submission day
21.06.2017 - 08:19
@ggml please first login first using the credentials above. @digitalwannabe vvvv only for NODE17 please. Have a play, you’ll love it.
21.06.2017 - 09:10


We’ll leave submissions open till NODE17 and throughout NODE17. If you are coming, you’ll also be able to push artworks on the spot. We also have a little / special surprise for the coolest submission –– but more about this next week.

If you have any questions about submissions or would like us to test the submissions, feel free to send me an email at

See you next week!

23.06.2017 - 20:12
If you were to put a pack on ftamed, how would you go about it? We don’t have access to the packs folder
30.05.2017 - 20:38
Got it, thanks!
15.06.2017 - 05:33
Hello! I uploaded my artwork already to the Framed website, should I click on publish or that’s up to you?
16.06.2017 - 18:15
@gaba_03 – Completely up to you re publishing. We won’t be making them live, eg for sale anyhow, its only for display at NODE17. Once the NODE is over, we’ll get in touch with everyone that submitted and offer own accounts to upload pieces for sale if they wish. @gaba_03, you /*Pac? If so, the pieces work flawlessly! :)
16.06.2017 - 21:03
@filipvisnjic - Ok, nice. Yes, I’m from /*pac, happy to hear that! Thank you :)
17.06.2017 - 15:26
I get file sype not valid when uploading the thumbnail, tried both png and jpg
20.06.2017 - 17:49
how to upload a submission (on ?
20.06.2017 - 23:30
@ggml: in the top menu on that page you should see: Overview | Gallery | Products | Submit where you’d choose the latter.
21.06.2017 - 01:17
Is it required to be vvvv work? We’d have a video loop which would perfectly fit the format, but it’s not vvvv based, just plain video, ok too?



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