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August 2, 2017 posted by: joreg

so where were we? time flies..so many things you should know about..let’s see


two month have past since NODE17 and still things are trickling in:


glad you asked..so good actually! we noticed already at NODE that interest in it was bigger than we’d have hoped for. some of our VL workshops had 60! people attending. after the convincing presentations by sebl, lasal and dottore (recorded only in our minds) it is now good to see more and more people starting to really use it, judging by the recent increased number of related questions on the forum. a lot vl-talk is also happening on the chat where everyone is very welcome to hang out with fellow patcherpeople.

we finally have alpha-builds in both x86 and x64 stable again and are still working on fine-tuning the node-importing elias demoed at the keynode. status: it is basically finished and only needs some beauty-tweaks here and there. in fact all of vl’s libraries are using the feature already in alpha builds and we couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. using .net libraries in a visual programming envvvvironment has never been easier (citation needed!).

check out sebls proof of concept of using OpencvSharp in vl without writing a single line of code. magic? mhm… having troubles getting a library to work in vl? we’d love to help you! please get in contact via the forum or chat..

documentation is progressing continuously. latest chapters added:


you’d think there is a summerbreak but far from…once again we got an amazing round of new contributions, check these:

also: *lasaluser updated his ParaLibbeta-contribution. *the timpernageluser is teasing us


the vvvv.Academy has just started into its first term with 9 students meeting up with dominikKolleruser once a week to get an intensive vvvv treatment. we’re looking forward to seeing their progress..

in case you’re bored in berlin right now there is a 3 day Parametric Design with Cardboard in vvvv workshop by lasaluser starting tomorrow (August 3).

a little reminder: this friday: CreativeCodeBerlin Meetup

and in case you’re up for a residency on the cozy island of tenerife in november check this Open Call by iouser with a deadline of August 31.

first up massive thanks to dominikKolleruser for digging through the large amount of projects that have been realized using vvvv over the past years and creating this parutiful showcase page:

100+ Selected vvvv Projects

then learn from the below how you properly document your projects. very well done:

Grafofone by StiXuser

Talk To Me by Waltz Binaire

and a 3d Virtual Tour done in vvvv.js by 4Fxuser.

Blast from the past

remember NODE08 when we first met defettouser and dottoreuser and they were already way ahead with what they were doing? check an extensive documentation of their project WiiWiiWiiWii which they demonstrated back then. good find robotantonuser!

anything to add? please do so in the comments. Gut Patch!


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