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January 22, 2018 posted by: joreg

what goes up…

thanks evvvveryone for tuning in again to this years numbertalk where we talk about the numbers you left with vvvv in 2017. what the numbers? well, in case you’re new to this and if you have a minute i’d like to recommend you take a look back at the 2016 numbers before reading on.


everytime you hit on vvvv.org you leave an invisible trace that shows us where you’re coming from. and last year, i have to say, you really changed:

germany (+)16.99%germany (+)17.02%germany (-)13.81%germany (+)13.85%germany (-)12.35%germany (+)
usa (-)10.72%usa (-)9.87%usa (+)10.74%usa (+)10.90%usa (+)11.76%usa (-)
uk (-)6.31%russia (+)5.78%russia (+)7.39%china (+)5.44%japan (+)4.85%india(+)
russia (+)4.98%uk (-)5.64%uk (-)5.37%russia (-)4.77%russia (-)4.67%china(+)
italy (+)4.97%france (+)4.93%japan (+)4.85%japan (-)4.76%uk (=)4.51%japan(-)
france (-)4.92%italy (-)4.56%france (-)4.12%uk (-)4.51%china (-)4.26%uk(-)

my best guess about what we see here is you’ve all been on a sabbatical in india to relax a bit but then still couldn’t help it and checked the forum every five minutes for whats going on. fair enough.. already in 2016 india was going up 12% compared to the year before and now it got another 40% boost landing it on spot 3 tightly followed by china who got a 21% boost this past year. are we conquering new markets there without knowing it? on the other hand rather sad to see russia dropping out of the ranks for the first time…что случилось?

despite the big shift in accessing countries it seems the number of unique visitors is relatively stable the past three years:


* includes hacker-news incident'

this is also confirmed by the number of daily forum posts as you can see below which even received quite a visible bump at the end of 2016 when we installed the new forum:

number of daily forum posts from jannuary 2016 to december 2017



* x86 and x64 combined

significantly more releases but not significantly more downloads than in the year before…whats going on here? lets have a look at the


oha…this is setting us back to figures of 2013. ahm, lets have a closer look at the numbers that tell us how many different countries and companies licenses have been bought from:


huh…so while obviously vvvv is slowly spreading over the whole world as you can see by the sharp rise in the number of countries, i’m afraid i find it really hard to argue an increase in the number of individual customers over the past three years. how are politicians doing this?

so where exactly are we loosing it? let’s have a look at the number of licenses sold per country. germany and uk: booh. but then who would have thought? is america really great again? and what is going on in the state of denmark?

austria3%russia2.5%aut, aus, usa4.22%austria3.22%switzerland1.5%russia
spain2%france2.5%russia, norway, czech2.8%russia2.93%France1.6%denmark

so..where were we? ah..numbers?! all pointing down, bohoo…but really, all of them? well there is at least one i know of that has been going up continuously since vvvvs inception. i’m afraid i don’t have a graph for it, so you’ll have to trust me on this one: it is our spirits.

motivational picture: commits on the vvvv source code repository

we’re sitting here, day in, day out and have the privilege to invent the future of programming for you. and the sheer amout of work we put into this uncertain endeavor over the past years is finally starting to pay off. not financially (see above) but…functionally. we’re using vl on a daily basis with a joy that only compares to the very early years of vvvv. after which we found all it’s problems and started to tinker about how a new system would look and feel like that doesn’t have all of vvvvs limitations. and it is here now. at your finger-tips. embedded into your favorite multipurpose toolkit, making it an unrivvvvaled tool (citation needed!) at your disposal. today.

switch to an alternate universe where for the past ~five years we struggled with the horrors of cross-compiling vvvv to mac and linux and started implementing a new render engine in opengl only to learn of that new thing called vulkan halfway through, where we are still fighting with random crashes due to quantum threading effects with our attempt to multi-thread the existing vvvv core and where that dump guy is still POTUS… i don’t get a clear reception of our spirits and the license-numbers from over there but what i do see is a rather conservative visual programming environment with more problems at hand but not standing out so much compared to similar products.

… say what? enough with the sermon, where is the bling!? ok. so at the same time that others set the industry standards in realtime 3d rendering, we chose to work on the standards for visual programming: object-oriented, multi-threaded, with one-click library import, generics, delegates, interfaces and so much more.

and now, obviously, we have to do the ketchup with the rest of the best. 2d- and 3d-rendering and asset management, audio-video playback, computer-vision, 2d- and 3d-physics, editing and ui-framework, timeliner, automata,… are still missing. so you see we’re not going to get bored anytime soon. but since most of the hard parts are now done, we’re really looking forward to those!

what an exciting cliffhanger concluding the season of 2017…make sure not to miss any episodes in the coming season, you can subscribe here.

we wish an exceptionally great 2018 to all of you who’ve been with us over the years, to those who are new and even to those who didn’t buy a license last year, you’ll come to reason…

yours, vvvvl.


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25.01.2018 - 02:21
best series ever!
25.01.2018 - 18:58
yes always very entertaining, especially the alternate universe. :) and while there are many alternate universes, why does it have to be so negative ?



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