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December 3, 2018 posted by: joreg


one week to go for the opening of We live in an Ocean of Air which you normally wouldn’t have to care about but in this special case, how this connects to you through this blogpost is, that this is the first fully vl + Xenko project we’ve helped to realized. if you’re in london between December 7th and January 20th, go see it, it is good, promised! if not, let’s hope that everything goes well, because then the thing should go on tour and maybe come a bit closer to you.. here is a little teaser:

but that is not all:

next up: we’re going to evaluate where we are with vl-standalone and xenko after this above mentioned project and we should have an update for you by the end of this year. and everybody yayy.


looking for a job at where it all once started? here are two opportunities at http://meso.design


one new: Opticalflow3dbeta-contribution by timpernageluser one updated: VAudiobeta-contribution by tonfilmuser

several works in progress announced:

a tease: kinect-pipet-direct-mode depth-pipet

and something in chinese: watch

Second Litany by StiXuser

and remember you can always find much more fancy new stuff appearing on vimeo and sadly even here.

that was it for november. anything to add? please do so in the comments!


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04.12.2018 - 14:33

Hey joreg, I saw it a few times now, you seem to mistake the meaning of the word Roadmap.

A roadmap is always a strategic plan that you want to pursue in the future, not something you make in retrospect. Yes I know, ever since the Great Tease of 2010 the whole devvvv team is allergic to make “promises” publicly, and hence there was hardly any information on what you are working on and how you prioritize tasks internally. People sometimes complained about this fact, or even demanded a Roadmap (e.g. @mburk at LINK, or @jerry here).

Now I don’t think people will be too crazy about a “Roadmap” that is solely a description of finished actions. It is not a roadmap, just because you choose to call it that. I guess the demand for more transparency is still there, just look at the likes @elias got in this thread, when just casually listing his short-term priorities.

So yes, you could push this aside as petty nit-picking, but I hope you take this more as a friendly prod to think about why people keep on asking for a roadmap.

04.12.2018 - 17:12

+++++16348961 likes to velcrome post this is what i would love to see from roadmap: https://www.notion.so/d3fac214ac9549f38f7990d33268e3a3?v=5c8d1326be184310923c40a7de2f6af8 features and topics that have direct links to forum posts, where you can discuss, etc.

but we can do with something more general but the discussed features should be on one page, with some possible version plan, and forum link i think it would systematize never ending discussions and mentions of this or that feature and would actually lift some mental load from you and the whole community

04.12.2018 - 20:08
Totally agree with you guys.
04.12.2018 - 21:55

@velcrome @StiX @lasal if you read carefully on the roadmap page, it says at the very top “..we’re planning to outline future milestones to give you an idea where this is all heading…” and then there’s a section prepared called “Upcommming Milestones” which is not yet filled out. seems this is too subtle for a hint that we’re working on a future roadmap that we’re comfortable to share. exactly triggered by recent increased requests for such. we’re on it..

regarding “more transparency” i need to make sure everyone is aware of these, because i often hear of people not being aware of some:

04.12.2018 - 23:13

well this is the mental load I was talking about! you need to put first point into future roadmap: future roadmap

just a side note, vvvv is one of many tools most of us use, we dont live the forum and chat and everything 24/7, and it can get hard to track everything, and ask everytime, and search forums etc. sometimes i go months without using vvvv at all

09.12.2018 - 01:32
Guys the cooperation with marshmellow laser feast and the VVVV/VL Devs is realy awesome, what ya complaining about roadmaps anyway? there is some serious renderings going on here.



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