[Workshop] VVVV.js - Advanced Rendering for Web and Mobile

March 2, 2018 posted by: tekcor Guest Post
Who:David Gann, schnellebuntebilder
Where:Rudolfstr. 11, Berlin, Germany
Lat / Long:52.504250 13.452994
From:28 Apr 2018 10:00
To:28 Apr 2018 16:00


‘‘VVVV.js features many essential JavaScript and WebGL programming methods packed in a set of over 300 nodes. The browser-based patch editor enables you to get started right now on any platform and it is possible to quickly deploy your application to web and mobile. **Recently VVVV.js received a huge update which implements advanced rendering techniques like physical based rendering, instancing and depth-buffer based post effects.**

To jump right into action follow this link: https://tekcor.github.io/vvvv.js-examples/ There is also a very detailed overview in written form here: http://000.graphics/tutorial/02_VVVV.js_Introduction.html or watch the video:

Workshop Content

In detail we will look at the following topics:

• Physical Based Rendering • glTF Import and three.js model loading • Instancing Engine • Deferred Effects • Collision Detection • Terrain Rendering • Multi-Texturing • Particles • Derivative Maps (Tangent free Normal and Parallax Occlusion Mapping) • Shader and Node Development for VVVV.js

Booking and Fees

Reserve your workshop seat now via http://mailto:vvvvorkshop@schnellebuntebilder.de

There will be a fee of 50,00 € per attendee (recerving room + support for lecturer). If you consider yourself a professional or your company sends you here, we use T.R.U.S.T to encourage you to pay a professional fee, which is 200,00 €.

Become a Patreon

If you can`t make it to berlin but want to learn it, ** consider joining my online course or receive direct mentoring by becomming a Patreon. Your support will accelerate the development of this amazing framework. ** https://www.patreon.com/davidgann


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