November 28, 2019 posted by: joreg


…since we’re terribly behind schedule regarding the release of a new website for (and we know that it will still take a while), we’ve created a preliminary site at:

This is mostly so that we can provide people who are new to the world of vvvv with a simpler entry point to our universe. You’ll see that the site focuses mostly on vvvv gamma, which makes most sense for new people to explore. Obviously the existing remains our main portal to share news and updates with everyone. We consider a temporary landing page for vvvv gamma.


If you’re old enough to remember, there is this thing called electronic mail (short: e-mail). In a classic retro-move we’ve also recently started an e-mail newsletter which you can sign up to from that page. Scroll to the bottom and find it in the left corner. Signing up will give you peace of mind to not miss any happenings around vvvv. Typically one mail per month.


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29.11.2019 - 07:44
Oha! i like this, looks totally average - which is an achievement vvvv was missing. i wonder what the new website will look like..
29.11.2019 - 10:40

i like the sections LEARN and COMMUNITY - most important thing

but they are only “vvvv gamma” - it’s ok - but it should also called “vvvv gamma” not only “vvvv”

I also downloaded the Version: preview 975 from and there was no “Creating Executables” like the description said :-P

07.12.2019 - 03:07
@CeeYaa the export feature is now there!



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