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December 16, 2019 posted by: joreg

Alles neu!

With vvvv beta we clearly missed quite some opportunities by not providing a clear getting started path for newcomers. Only 15(!) years after launch we added a Getting Started page. Around the same time we added some built-in tutorials you’d see on startup plus some links to documentation, forum and chat. But those would be gone forever once you decided to hide the welcome-patch on startup.

So this time around, we wanna try something different…

The HelpBrowser: In your face as you open vvvv gamma for the first time.

The screenshot shows the current status of the helpbrowser as it comes with the latest previews of vvvv gamma 2019.2. It will open by default for every new user and offer a series of tutorials and example patches and encourage to explore the documentation. Obviously we now need to provide many more tutorials, examples and add more documentation, but this provides a structure to fill.

For now, the most useful pages of the documentation are HowTo and Shortcuts which are both searchable. And note that the content of the HowTo tab is dynamically sourced from all packages you have installed! Most other links in the browser go to external sources (youtube, graybook) but we’re planning to someday include more content in the browser directly.


The second tab is still rather dry for now but at least is supposed to give new users an overview of the most important entrypoints that are available to our univvvverse. Later we’ll want to make this tab a bit more lively by e.g. showing some of the latest live content of those entrypoints. Think latest forum topics, news, screenshots of the day…

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17.12.2019 - 01:37

Great progress! The help browser is growing up fast :)) Can’t wait for it to reach adulthood.

Also wondering whether you’re open to external educational contributions (tutorials, explainers). Might be offered as curated content in a way that makes it known it’s third party.

Embedded YouTube player would be a great plus too. That way the download won’t become big because of video files. However it should remain an option to have all available offline. Maybe an installer option?


17.12.2019 - 02:11
absolutely. bring it on!
17.12.2019 - 22:33
Great! Not sure about dropshadows though. The whole UI is very flat, and vvvv/VL feels very flat and non-decorative, so why start here?



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