3. worldwide vvvv meetup

May 20, 2020 posted by: david Guest Post
Where:Berlin, Germany
When:26 May 2020 18:00

Hey vvvvolks,

Let’t do it again. Tuesday May 26th 8pm CET it is. Live here: https://youtu.be/pa3HRQ7kj6w

Want to join with your presentation?

We could have one or two more demos/presentations! Anything more or less related to vvvv, yourself and your projects. Share some thoughts, share your funny fails. Share what you are up to.

Please get in touch via meetup@vvvv.org and let us know what you want to present. We’ll then get back to you and organize the streaming tool etc. We are looking forward to this! a_a_a_auser daviduser joreguser sebluser

Here is the plan: We’ll be using again a video-conferencing platform for moderators and presenters and will be streaming out to evvvveryone via youtube and possibly other channels as well. Updates on how to use the back channel will be given. Live stream link will be provided here!

Confirmed Presenters

Ekatarina Danilova

Location: Moscow => Berlin http://www.idwyr.com idwyruser

We got Kat! A visual artist using vvvv since 2012 for interactive installations, VJ, Real time graphics and video production. Last 4 year I was also working as a vj in clubs/festivals and developed my own tool for vjing using WPF and vvvv. I will show the inside of the WPF project and vvvv patches to demonstrate how both communicate together, using midi controllers and OSC.

Christine Meyerhofer & Nils Weger

Location: Frankfurt / Offenbach raveluser & phlegmauser

https://christinemayerhofer.de/ https://nodeforum.org/people/nils-weger/

Travelling to severals music festivals and building light sculptures for dance floors inspired us to develop this light control software. Many years of experiences in live performing helped us to create this modular interface optimised for generative visuals.

Next to texture based animation you can work with 3d geometry in virtual space to create visuals on LED light matrices. This technique is very efficient by adapting to new light set ups and is giving a great room perception. The live performance interface is based on the Runtime Model by dottore model-runtime-editor-design-patternbeta-contribution. For the Show to luminale 2020 we integrated the timeline Tilda by nsynk https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/vl-tilda/17644 and created the light show „Binärtransformation - digitized life“ https://www.luminale.de/projekte/digitales-leben

Unfortunately we didn’t had any visitors at Luminale 2020 thanks to corona. So we are waiting for the next change to build it up again.

Andres Alvarez

Location: Argentina

https://www.instagram.com/andresc4/ andresc4user

Andres is a vvvv user since beta23. Rather than an artist he defines himself as a Maker. With a background in graphic design and electronics, he uses vvvv as a tool for all kind of hardware interactions, VJing, and professional work. He will show us a few of his projects and experiments made with vvvv, from fun electronics projects, dmx and pixel mapping, drones + shaders, vjing, and interactive lasers.


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