4. worldwide vvvv meetup

June 19, 2020 posted by: sebl Guest Post
Where:Berlin, Germany
From:23 Jun 2020 18:00
To:23 Jun 2020 20:00

Hey vvvvolks,

it’s Meetup Tuesday again: June 23th 8pm CET we will meet again in the interwebz!

Want to join with your presentation?

We could have one or two more demos/presentations! Anything more or less related to vvvv, yourself and your projects. Share some thoughts, share your funny fails. Share what you are up to.

Please get in touch via meetup@vvvv.org and let us know what you want to present. We’ll then get back to you and organize the streaming tool etc. We are looking forward to this! a_a_a_auser daviduser joreguser sebluser

Here is the plan: We’ll be using again a video-conferencing platform for moderators and presenters and will be streaming out to evvvveryone via youtube and possibly other channels as well. Updates on how to use the back channel will be given. Live stream link will be provided here!

Confirmed Presenters:

Natan Sinigaglia

Location: currently Berlin dottoreuser


the well known doctor promoted to a heart surgent when it comes to developing libraries for VL. the sound and visual artist from Italy will take us on a tour through the latest developments of Elementa - the quasi standard for user interfaces in VL. expect this talk to cover high-level, low-level and awesome-level insights. natan

Constantine Nisidis

nissidisuser location: Athens


Constantine is a visual arts professional located in Athens. The technically skilled vvvv long term user always has some hot plates on the oven that are worth a closer look. His latest experiments in VL-land is about interfacing VL and Blender which makes up awhole new world of possible workflows. We will get a sneak-peak to this amazing pipeline called VL.Ender


Ann-Katrin Krenz and Michael Burk

location: Berlin a_a_a_auser & mburkuser

https://andand.xyz/ and also part of https://schnellebuntebilder.de/

They are interactive designers and media artists and a tag team when it comes to designing complex things. We will be shown some insights to their process of developing a key visual for the upcoming NODE20 festival. If you’re a vvvv user, the chance you used superphysicalby Michael is quite high. So you can expect some aesthetics spiced with technical sophistication in this presentation. NODE20


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