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July 27, 2020 posted by: joreg
Where:Berlin, Germany
From:01 Oct 2020 22:00
To:07 Oct 2020 22:00

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Since our initial announcement you may have noticed, the world has changed. It took us a while to adapt to those changes, but here we are, NODE20 is going to happen:


The main challenge we see with this mostly online edition, is how to realize the levels of intimacy we reached at the previous NODEs. Unfortunately, current constraints don’t allow us to do what has always been at the core of NODE: bringing as many of us together in meat space for some quality time.

But “constraints” is also what we like to embrace as challenges, so with NODE20 we’re hoping to make the best of the given situation. It will be an experiment that will certainly not work for everyone. On the other hand the online focus has the potential to involve so many more people than only those who are privileged enough to be able to travel to Frankfurt.

In Progress…

What you don’t know, is that behind the scenes there is already a team of about 20 people (NODE all-stars with the help of some new faces) working since months to raise money (not easy in corona times) , negotiate contracts, design websites, curate programs and think about how we can make this special version of NODE more than a passive online-stream.

We have two ideas that we hope will make the difference:


The title #SecondNature is set. The core idea remains the same: Let’s explore art-making and digital creative practices in times of ecological crisis - a crisis that is, in large part, fueled by our technology needs. How seriously do we as a community of digital creators take our share of responsibility? How can we rethink our practices, challenge our industries, and empower others to do the same? A first step is the critical examination of the go-to tools and processes that have become our ‘second nature’. From imagination to implementation—if collapse is to be averted, rewriting our Second Nature will be key.

Curators Jeanne Charlotte Vogt (NODE) and Alexander Scholz (HOLO) are keen to hear your input. They prepared this form before corona hit. Thank you for those who already filled it out. You are still invited to share information about your practice and how you relate. Over the coming weeks, the curation team will reach out with more ideas and notes on how we will address the topic together with you. Your ideas are welcome, see below!


We’re curating a series of about 25 online workshops and lectures. The first bunch is already confirmed. Many more are still to come!

If you want to offer a workshop, please send us a proposal. If you’re missing a workshop on a specific topic, please send us a request.

We want as many people to share their knowledge during NODE20, so even if we don’t choose your proposal: Every participant of NODE20 will be able to announce their own lectures/workshops on the spot, unconference style.

And even after NODE20 there’ll be the chance for everyone to run their workshops or courses via The NODE Institute. So please definitely make yourself heard. We want to know what you can share!


Want to help? We are looking for volunteer support in the following areas:

  1. Frankfurt on-site professional support for the conference production
  2. Preparing Polls / Questionaries for the conference
  3. Generate ideas and setup tools to contribute to the festival theme
  4. Online support for workshop moderation

Please get in touch via: and use our chat room: Towards NODE20

Curious and want to know more? Join us for the 5th worldwide vvvv meetup where the makers of NODE20 will answer all your questions.

Already convinced? Get your tickets.


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