This was NODE20

November 5, 2020 posted by: joreg


the biggest NODE so far, in terms of reach. At least if you want to believe the viewing numbers on the videos of the daily streams. This time the whole world was able to participate and not only a handful of privileged being able to come to Frankfurt. What an undertaking to run a pop-up TV station for 7 days next to a 2 track, 9h a day workshop program…

On behalf of the whole team that made this edition possible, vvvv wants to thank daviduser and Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, directors of NODE20 - Second Nature, for pulling the strings. Once again very well done, chapeau!

The team was huge and a lot of different things happened over the course of this week, too numerous to recap here. So in this blogpost I want to particularly summarize the vvvv focused parts and highlight the members of the vvvv community who helped make NODE20 possible.

The keyvisual by artist duo a_a_a_auser and mburkuser calmly meandering in the form of an AR manifestation in most of the studio broadcasts.

TV Shows

You should watch them all: 7 days of quality panels and discussions around this years topic “Second Nature”. But then, as promised, the following is a listing of the more vvvv related shows for your viewing pleasure:

  • The Emergency Broadcast Studio - Behind the Scenes, where readmeuser talks about how he and bjoernuser took on the brave task of running the AR studio on VL.Stride, which was still very much in the works when they started…Must watch to get an impression of the effort of what was behind the studio setup. Credits also go to kopffarbenuser who helped running the actual shows in the end!

Backstage at the EBS


Massive thanks go to the whole team of The NODE Institute who ran the workshop and streaming operations on the ground together with: raveluser, sebescudieuser, Raymentuser, katzenfresseruser and Ben Schiek.

And of course to every single one of the 26 workshop hosts and co-host who took the time to bring their knowledge to all of us: andresc4user, Anna Meik, antokhiouser, baxtanuser, domjuser, dottoreuser, eliasuser, everyoneishappyuser, gregsnuser, Gene Kogan, haydenuser, idwyruser, joreguser, juleuser, kleinkariertuser, lasaluser, Maria Heine, Marian Dziubiak, motziuser, ravazquezuser, sebluser, sunepuser, Takumauser, tonfilmuser, untoneuser, vuxuser.


NODE is a community effort. Everyone is chipping in what they can. So finally I want to list a few companies without whose continued support in the form of material or human resources, NODE20 would not have been possible:

vvvv takes a deep bow in front of everyone mentioned. I sincerely hope I didn’t forget anyones contribution but am well aware that this is not unlikely. So in case I missed someone, please someone let me know so I can add the info here!

After NODE is before the next NODE. Back to work!


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12.11.2020 - 11:10
Thanks again for node20!! It was really great and I enjoyed the combination of the conference and the workshops - a perfect match! Big thanks to everyone involved!! <3



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