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March 11, 2020 posted by: tonfilm

As we near the official release of vvvv gamma, let’s take a minute and look back on what happened so far.

Here’s a compilation of every vvvv gamma and VL related blog post.

We hope it serves as both, an overview of historic developments and a helpful learning source for VL users that might have forgotten some along the way:


Announcement for stable release of vvvv gamma 2020.1: vvvv-gamma-2020.1-release

Download and changelog of vvvv gamma 2020.1 preview: vvvv-gamma-2020.1-preview

Download and changelog of vvvv gamma 2019.2 preview: vvvv-gamma-2019.2-preview

Introducing help patches per node: vl-help-patches

A roundup of the latest features of the VL.Xenko 3d rendering engine: vl-xenko-3d-engine-update-3


Reworked licensing model: vvvv-gamma-licensing-2

New web presence for vvvv gamma: visualprogramming.net

Introducing the HelpBrowser for easy in-app learning: vl-getting-you-started

Big feature, export executables: vl-exporting-an-application

Announcing our cooperation between Xenko and vvvv: vvvv-meets-xenko

Background information on the VL compiler overhaul: vl-new-roslyn-based-backend

Public VL presentation on a .NET developer conference: vvvv-at-dotnextconf-moscow-video

Download and changelog of vvvv gamma 2019.1 preview: vvvv-gamma-2019.1-preview

First draft of the new licensing model: vvvv-gamma-licensing

Switching all VL libraries to Xenko vector types: vl-switch-to-xenko-math

Tooltips and runtime value inspection are pretty and can be patched: vl-tooltips

IOBoxes are now feature rich and can handle collections: vl-the-big-iobox-update

Big progress on computer vision: vl.opencv-release-candidate

Dynamic input/output pins are here: vl-input-and-output-pin-groups

Understanding the difference between definition and application: vl-the-application-side-of-things

Added regular expression nodes: vl-regular-expressions


Public vvvv gamma and roadmap announcement: the-road-to-gamma

Progress report on the VL.Xenko 3d rendering engine: vl-xenko-3d-engine-update-2

Improvements on the VL.Skia 2d rendering engine: vl-skia-update

Initial progress report on the VL.Xenko 3d rendering engine: vl-xenko-3d-engine-update-1

Announcing the VL.Xenko 3d rendering engine: vl-threedee

Announcement and insight into the VL.Skia 2d rendering engine: vl.skia

Reading and writing VL data types to disk: vl-serialization

Explaining the structural elements of VL documents: vl-groups-and-categories

Beatify and organize your patches with frames: vl-frame-your-patches

Update on file read/write: vl-improved-file-io

Big cleanup of the VL.CoreLib: vl-corelib-cleanup

Working with different threads and main loops: vl-patch-your-own-mainloops

Announcement of computer vision for VL: vl-opencv-is-in-da-house

The fundamental building block for timelines and searches in sorted collections: binary-search-for-your-keyframes

How to connect image data types of different libraries with each other: vl-image-exchange-interface

Prepare GPU data directly on VL to use it with dx11 rendering: dynamic-dx11-buffers-in-vl


Better debug features: vl-one-frame-at-a-time

Maintenence release for Arduino/Firmata: firmata-updates-and-fixes

Import any .NET library (!) into VL: vl-using-.net-libraries-and-writing-custom-nodes

Parser for serial data and other byte streams: new-tokenizer-nodes

Announcing reactive/async programming with observables: vl-reactive-programming

Nodes for working properly with MIDI: vl-event-based-midi

Parse, modify and write XML and JSON: vl-xml-and-json-nodes

Update on 2D and 3D editing: editing-framework-update

Nodes to work with network sockets: vl-networking-and-async


Nodes for Arduino/Firmata: firmata-second-service

Nodes to work with input gestures: zoom-pan-rotate-touchgestures

Cummulative VL update (performance, clock and time, high DPI): vl-progress-report-4

Nodes for working with the file system: vl-many-paths-lead-to-rome

Initial file handling nodes: let-me-present-to-you-file-io

Cummulative VL update (UI improvements): vl-progress-report-3

Cummulative VL update (UX improvements): vl-progress-report-2

Cummulative VL update (new UI elements): vl-progress-report-1

Huge update overall and new downloads: vl-midsummer-nights-dream

VL progress report (pads, fields, properties, operation signature): vl-spring-update

VL progress report (patch structure, categories, library): vl-winter-update

Learn about the fundamental data types of VL: integer-and-primitive-types-in-vl

Nodes for 2D and 3D editing: introducing-the-editing-framework


VL progress report (new devices, library, nuget, UI): vl-autumn-update

Working with value ranges: mapping-and-ranges-in-vl

Understanding spherical and cartesian space: polar-spherical-and-geographic-coordinates

VL progress report (library, eye tracker, UI, loops): vl-summer-update

Add type annotations to properties: vl-type-browser-now-in-alpha-builds

Community feature voting: vl-feature-voting

First official download of VL: vvvv50-vl-pack-alpha

Preparing for the first launch: 50-pre-release-roundup

Understanding data type patches: 50-custom-datatypes

Understanding generics: 50-generics


Understanding properties aka. fields: 50-properties

Understanding operations aka. methods: 50-colors

Initial thoughs: 50-that-next-big-thing.-an-overview.

Object oriented patching for the masses: 50-vl-features-i-a-patch-is-now-a-class

The very first applications built with VL: 50-the-humble-quad-bundle

Anything to add? Let us know in the comments.

yours, devvvvs


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12.03.2020 - 11:21
very helpful!



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