vvvv gamma 2020.1 release

April 1, 2020 posted by: joreg

This is it!

The first official stable version of the all-new vvvv gamma 2020.1 is available for download and purchase now. And here is a first look at it for those who haven’t dared to play with it yet:

This is vvvv gamma.

After more than 7 years in research and development and a full year of public preview, we’re happy to have reached this first major milestone. Many thanks go out to all of you who’ve participated in our public bug hunt and who spent their time testing an evolving system and giving valuable feedback that allowed us to come this far. We take a deep bow before you!

We believe vvvv gamma is a novel approach to visual programming that brings it to a level where it can be useful beyond its traditional niche. Like this, we hope to continuously grow the community and allow existing users to expand their expertise and allow them to realize more complex and stable programs.

Still not convinced? Please head over to our preliminary page on http://visualprogramming.net where we’ve prepared a convenient list of selling points for you. And tell your friends and family!

Buy vvvv gamma for commercial use

Starting today, as you’re working on a commercial project using vvvv gamma, you need a license. So if Corona hasn’t canceled your work and you’re in the lucky situation that you can use vvvv gamma commercially already, please head over to the store now and insert coins.


You’ll see that all gamma licenses have an early bird discount of 20% applied automatically. We’ll run this promotion for at least a month from now and reevaluate then.

Further, if you’ve bought a commercial license of vvvv beta since April 1st, 2018, you are eligible to apply an additional discount of 20% to one of your future orders. This discount applies to all vvvv gamma developer licenses of one order. To do so, simply use the coupon code GIMMEGAMMA at checkout.

If you are a freelancer who has worked for projects since April 1st, 2018, where a company bought the licenses but you would now like to get your own license, you can also be eligible for the GIMMEGAMMA discount. Please get in touch via licensing@vvvv.org with a verifiable claim that you’ve worked for a commercial vvvv project and we’ll get back to you.

Note that while the early bird discount will run out at some point, the GIMMEGAMMA discount will be available to eligible users without any time restriction.

We’ve promised to have subscription plans that will be 30% cheaper from the second year onwards. These are still planned to come within the coming year and everyone who buys an annual license now will have a chance to convert to such a subscription in time.

What next?

Let’s recap a bit:

  • February 2013: First mention and demo of what is to become VL during NODE13 keynode
  • May 2015: beta-preview builds are shipping with VL
  • December 2016: beta35 is released with VL as a first-class patching language
  • April 2019: vvvv gamma is released as a public preview

Accordingly, consider today’s release milestone number five of many more to come. While in most aspects vvvv gamma is already much more advanced than beta, obviously the current state still is not a replacement for it. The most obvious part still missing is the announced integration of a 3d engine. Work on this has been progressing nicely but only now we can fully concentrate on it and work towards a first release, which will be milestone six.

So we’re still keeping the fireworks low for now and are diving right into the next steps. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be most excited and start using VL to its full potential. Start with the video tutorials and watch this space for an announcement of more webinars…

We hope you find vvvv gamma useful and we keep looking forward to your feedback! Yours, devvvvs.


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01.04.2020 - 23:44
01.04.2020 - 23:46
Congratulations… Finally… Sure this it no 1. April joke?
02.04.2020 - 00:00
02.04.2020 - 00:46
02.04.2020 - 01:18
Nice one! Congrats!! But really? You had to release it on 1st April, did you? :)
02.04.2020 - 02:13
congrats !!
02.04.2020 - 02:39

and very nice way to promote vvvv on visualprogramming.net ! I love the videos

Just to make things clear: the super nice point clouds 3D example in the section “Quick To Iterate”. It’s not possible to do that in VVVV Gamma right now, isn’t it ?

02.04.2020 - 03:58
what a long road. great work.
02.04.2020 - 09:57

Congrats and happy new life to the officially newborn!!

ludnnyuser : for now it is possible just if you’re part of the Xenko early access program (the 3D render engine that will be released for gamma later this year) …but yes, it’s not adobe premiere, just a screengrab of the patches ;)

02.04.2020 - 19:36



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