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May 29, 2020 posted by: joreg

gimme gamma

vvvv gamma, the self-proclaimed next-big-thing in visual live-programming is ramping up on webinars in June: We have introductions for beginners in 3 languages and dive into more detailed topics for intermediate and advanced users. There should be something for everyone!

If you’re missing a specific topic or would like to teach a webinar yourself, please get in touch via: david.bruell@nodeforum.org

Organized with the help and support of NODE and their new Institute.

June 5

Introduction to creative coding with vvvv gamma

Host: untoneuser

Get started with creative coding using the new all-new visual programming environment vvvv gamma. In this webinar we’re starting from scratch: You’ll learn the fundamentals of building little interactive programs. Afterward, you’ll be able to follow further workshops or take the next steps on your own, continuing with online learning resources.

Details and Tickets

June 9

Introduction to Reactive Patching

Host: tonfilmuser

You’re familiar with the basics of vvvv gamma but want to learn more? In this webinar, we’re introducing you to the basic concepts of reactive programming that will make you understand how to work with Observables, react to events and run computations in a background thread.

Details and Tickets

June 11

Building a game from scratch

Host: joreguser

Once you’re familiar with the basics of a programming language you need a little challenge. Building a game from scratch is usually a good way of diving deeper. Games have all the aspects of proper applications. They require you to handle user input, manage the game logic, maybe keep a high-score or save a state to disk so it can be recalled the next day.

So in this webinar we’re going to build a simple game and along the way get familiar with how to structure the different components of applications.

Details and Tickets

June 12

Using .NET nugets with vvvv gamma

Host: sebescudieuser

You’ve heard that with vvvv you can simply use any of the more than 100.000 .NET libraries available on http://nuget.org? In this webinar we’ll show you how easy it is to do that and how to navigate common issues that you may encounter doing so.

Details and Tickets

June 18

Einführung in Creative Coding mit vvvv gamma

Host: readmeuser

Dein Einstieg in Creative Coding mit der neuen visuellen Programmierumgebung vvvv gamma. In diesem Webinar fangen wir bei Null an! Du lernst die Grundlagen zum Erstellen kleiner interaktiver Programme. Anschließend kannst du einfacher in weiteren Workshops, Webinaren und Tutorials dein Wissen aufbauen und anfangen die nächsten Schritte selbständig zu machen. Details und Tickets

June 19

可视化编程的新尝试——vvvv gamma 入门工作坊

Host: Xu Cong

想不想尝试用可视化编程的方式,来编写一段可运行的互动程序?这就是我们这个入门工作坊的目的!我们将从头开始介绍vvvv gamma的编程环境,介绍vvvv的社群资源,为深入学习打下基础


June 24

Building user interfaces using VL.Elementa

Host: dottoreuser

Would you like to create a UI to control your vvvv gamma application? In this webinar we’ll learn how to do that and much more. We’ll explore the functionalities and widgets you can find in the VL.Elementa library, going even deeper and learning how to extend it for your needs. This is a practical webinar where you click and follow step by step.

Details und Tickets

June 27

Introducción a creative coding con vvvv gamma

Host: ravazquezuser

Empecemos a aprender “creative coding” utilizando vvvv gamma, el nuevo ambiente de programación visual. En este webinar empezaremos desde cero: aprenderemos los conceptos fundamentales para construir pequeños programas interactivos. Al finalizar, tendremos lo necesario para movernos a otros webinars o tomar los siguientes pasos en nuestras propias manos, continuando con material educativo en línea.

Detalles y entradas

June 29

Introduction au creative coding avec vvvv gamma

Host: sebescudieuser

Initiez-vous au creative coding avec le tout nouvel environnement de programmation vvvv gamma. Dans ce webinaire, nous partons de zéro : vous apprendrez les bases nécessaires pour concevoir de petits programmes interactifs. Par la suite, vous pourrez suivre d’autres workshops ou bien apprendre seul, grâce à des ressources d’apprentissage en ligne.

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